Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What a Night

Watching the storm outside, I put on  my big 'ol saggy
 bottom sweats....for more protection! haha

     Wowzers! We couldn't have made a luckier decision to stay home last night. We initially made the decision not to go to the Ranger game to be rested for our upcoming weekend, but it turns out there was a better reason: the weather. There had been some pretty active wind earlier in the day (I remember being annoyed that I even bothered fixing my hair before leaving the house to run errands), but little did we know just what it was working it's self up to! As we watched the devastating storms in Oklahoma on the news while hoping our friends and others were safe, a dangerous storm began to develop over the Metroplex and before we knew it, tornado sirens were sounding and the Biggest Loser season finale I had recording was completely overtaken, never to come back on, for weather reports. I phoned my mom and packed our emergency bag along with making a game plan while over 27,000 homes lost power, 10-70mph winds raged through the air, up to 3'' hail was rapidly falling from the sky, damaging countless vehicles (a lady sent in a picture of her shattered car window from the hail), a couple of tornadoes made ground contact, and several cloud walls and wind funnels were accounted for. (I thought to myself while packing snack bars and water that I couldn't have picked a better night to have made the steak dinner that we just finished eating....what a way to go out!) I then immediately thought of my friends that were at the unprotected ballpark in Arlington and couldn't help but feel sick at my stomach. So, I put my texting skills to work and did my best at giving them play by play information of the storm so they could stay as safe as possible. Finally the stadium security started gathering people for safety in the underground tunnels, but I don't think they ever truly told the fans how much danger they were in, in fear of a chaotic reaction. Krystal said the grass looked like it was covered in snow, from all the hail. My work friends informed me that they actually had to put a Code Black into effect at the hospital and move all the babies into the hallways.....CRAZY! After 2 grueling hours of suspense, the large storm passed over Dallas, and yet another storm that had formed in the west was on it's way. We were finally forced to lay our heads down to sleep, but reluctantly, in fear that sleeping by a window was extremely unsafe on a night like that. It's always a very humbling experience to be subjected to a storm of such power. I'll never feel as safe as I did back home were we had a cellar to escape to when the weather was looking gruff. Needless to say, I had nightmares the entire night, but I'm thankful that everyone that I know is safe and well.

Callie gets Thunderstorm anxiety,
Sumo is just happy to be alive!

     Packing for a future event is very difficult for me. I dress according to mood, so trying to predict what I'll feel like wearing for days in advance is no cup of tea. The current mood I'm in also effects my packing ability, and that current mood today is blah blah lazy pants. I always try really hard not drag out an entire closet worth of clothing while putting together outfits, because I know it drives Patrick crazy (probably due to the fact I usually choose not to put them back where they belong until a week or so later), but sometimes a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!
Reporters bringing in some hail from outside....this was the SMALL hail.

      The dog's fancy hotel stay is booked, we are half packed, and I have one more night of work before off to the Big Easy, for some Cajun food and jazz music!

Yay for my new toy!

P.S. I rewarded myself a Kindle, and will no longer have to wait countless hours at places with nothing to do. I thought it would be way more responsible of me than to get a Nintendo DS, and in what couldn't be more perfect timing, for the road trip! I'm so excited to get my read on!
P.S.S. My turd husband is going to a Maverick's playoff game tonight while I go to work. I couldn't be more jealous.

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