Thursday, May 26, 2011

Procrastination Wins..................

    Up and at 'em for going on 24hours now, but still too much left to do before we leave tonight! (I'm taking a break.)

I'm so glad the park didn't get storm damage!

    This morning's air was too crispy not to enjoy a workout with the pups, so instead of risking the heat and humidity with an afternoon walk, I decided to down a 5hour energy (which accidently regurgitated itself later with a burp, consequently making me very hesitant to belch for the rest of the day in fear of it's wrathful return) and hit the park! Unfortunately the ground was still too wet for us to venture on the out skirting dirt trails to look from my beautiful lost driver's license, so we had to stick to the concrete. We came across two lady's all packed down for a camping trip, and turns out they are practicing carrying their loads for a pack-in/pack-out ,50 mile, 5 day trip in New Mexico with their boy scouting children....How fun! Two hours later, towards the end of our run/walk every mom in West Plano had decided to take advantage of the nice weather, bringing out their jogging strollers full of children, which wasn't a good situation with a frisky Callie running at my side. She just can't help but lunge and yap at anything with's her weakness (she thinks of it as a strength, I'm sure). I'm sadly coming to the realization that Sumo is just a flat out pansy, and while Callie's fire still burned bright, Sumo's had dimmed to a mere flicker which was reflected by the way he kept slowing us down for his lets-lay-down-in-the-grass-I'm-really-tired-breaks. He's currently wiped out on the couch while Callie is keeping guard over the apartment by the window. In case you were wondering, The Black Keys radio is a great Pandora station, with tune after tune of groovy beats to pair with a slow jog. With only a couple of bad apples, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

If you don't love wild flowers, you need to get outta town with
your crazy self!

     After getting back home, we went down to the dog park for an hour while I buried my nose in my Kindle. Can you tell someone is feeling slightly guilty about the upcoming doggie hotel stay? I just hate that they'll be cooped up all weekend while we are out having fun. After only a day of learning so far, I’m already convinced my E-reader was a bad-to-the-bone investment. There are some super cool features that no one talks about! As you're reading, you can scroll down beside words and it automatically tells you the definition in a footnote! Also, you can highlight things and bookmark them for future reference. I took it with me to the dog park to test its outdoor capabilities in the midst of pure sunlight beating down, and further to my  surprise, despite the already good reviews, it reads even better in the brightest of bright lights! A traceless glare. I was trying to take a picture in the same light with my phone to document an example, and struggled to see a single darn thing on my phone! There's no book intimidation or underestimation by size, which allows you to purely focus on the reviews and value of content. And if you enjoy looking at the parameter of the book pages while you are reading, just to gage how far you've come from the beginning, or how close you are to the end, or to feel accomplished with yourself, have no get to keep that feeling. There is a little timeline at the bottom of the page that tells you what percent of the book you have completed as you turn each page. By the way, if you haven't heard, Water for Elephants is an excellent book; so far I'm only 17% along, but I just started yesterday! Emotional and intricately detailed.

We all know my phone despirately needs a Macro
setting, so ignoring the blurry close-up, check
out that word definitation! The little round blob to
the right is an air bubble under my screen protector
that I  need to fix. 

     Funny thing: a lady I don’t even know gave me a book this morning. I walked passed her at work, commending her on good author taste, and she insisted that I take the book, read it and pass it on, saying she bought it from her book club membership in a hurry and realized tonight that she had previously read the book! What a sweet lady……..and lucky me! I happen to love free stuff!   
     Now I have to give both dogs and myself a bath...................
     Guess what? I still haven't finished packing and we are leaving tonight. Let’s see just how long I can procrastinate this!

P.S. Way to GO MAVS!!!! Maybe they are earning some well deserved respect now.  


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