Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Salute to ya Motha

     The absolute best part about keeping some sort of written journal throughout your life is reading back over it years later. It's true that writing isn't for everyone and many actually cringe at the thought, but if they had the opportunity to read back on how their lives and thoughts have evolved over the years, they may be a little more open minded to putting forth the effort. As a little girl, I kept a journal because I saw girls in movies that I admired do it. The imaginary idealism of a lock and key on the outside of a worn-from-use-journal was so excitingly secretive, and I pictured how fascinating it would be when someone found it years later and wonder what was in there. I wrote in it off and on, eventually getting "too busy" to find routine time. As a high school student, although keeping a journal became cliché and un-cool, I started taking an English class on the side at a local college, and my professor assigned a daily journal as a huge chunk of our semester grade. "Even if you only write a few sentences, you MUST make an entry every day," he said, "and I WILL read it!" The idea being, the more you are in touch with the writing side of your brain, the easier it becomes. He wasn't lying....about any of it. It did become easier and easier and the words would just flow out of me. Being in high school, I had plenty of mellow-drama to write about, and as I expressed my uncensored feelings, every now and then I would apologize for the language (just in case he was reading it), and he would note, "no need for apologies" beside my entry. The man just loved to read that much. My point is, as much as I hated making those daily entries for a grade, it's amazing to read back on them now. The words bring back feelings and memories that would otherwise be long gone and forgotten. Some good, some sad, some stupid, but regardless, mine. Pictures remind us of a lot, but well written memories bring back much more. Although I have the luxury of being able to read back to grade school on many of my thoughts, and see how I've grown on the inside, it's never too late to start recording those memories for yourself.   They truly are priceless.
     Mother's Day was a success. We relaxed at the river with the family, ate some fried catfish and cornbread, and Sumo went swimming in something other than a creek for the first time in his life. The weather couldn’t have cooperated more and I think I did a pretty good job picking out presents and finding the perfect cards this year. It feels good to be able to make someone so deserving smile. Where would we be without Mothers and Grandmothers? They gave us life, and then taught us how to smile. What an honor to have that much purpose in one's life.

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