Monday, May 9, 2011

Dear Martha

Sumo helping out
  "Dear Martha Stewart,

     Can you please make a little room in this world for me? I love creating sentimental yet useful things for friends, decorating my living space with warm and cozy yet inspiring repurposed projects, and cooking food to nourish the soul. I need a bit of tutoring in thank you note mailing and voice message returning etiquette, but those things are nothing that a personal assistant and my "I'm sorry smile" can't fix. If you could please discover me soon and make me rich from doing what I love to do best, I would be eternally grateful.

Yours truly,

     Last weekend was Mother's Day, so that means it was time to hit the flower arrangement designing sweat shop and get to work! Us girls always have some good laughs and sip on some good wine when we get together, putting our creative hats on and mixing play with work. Knowing how I enjoy a challenge, Vickie always gives me what I call the "fun orders". This year I got to make a few arrangements that resembled a puppy dog coming out of the basket, adogable. Get it? A-dog-able, instead of adorable? I brought Callie and Sumo with me for the weekend and they had a blast at Granny's as always. Sumo was our little helper for the weekend and assumed role of destroying compose! Call Park Lake Flowers for all your flower needs! Here's a few of my favorite arrangements that I had the pleasure of putting together:

Smogely the Bear modeling this veil:
Pink ribbon, white sequined flowers,
chocolate material flowered crown
     Last week, I also sewed a classy bachelorette party veil for one of my mother's friends. Every girl wants a fun veil to party in, as her last unmarried night on the town, but not all girls want condoms hanging out everywhere. That's where I come in handy! I discovered my niche for this a couple years ago and although it's always a pain in the butt, the finished product is Oh-So-Cute.  

Tina's Veil: Pink and silver ruffles with Pink flowered material and silver bling dangles crown



Amy's Veil: Pink and Purple Ribbon with pearl beading and Feathered Crown

Amanda's Veil: Camo Polka Dots with pink beading and Three layered pink beading crown


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