Monday, December 9, 2013

Robbed!!! (Kinda, but not literally.....)

It would only make sense, knowing us, that after taking over 2 hours to travel a mere 30 miles, we'd drive up to the parking attendant of How the Edge Stole Christmas in a mad hurry, and realize between the two of us, were were short $4 for parking!! Thankfully, the sweet lady kept Patrick's drivers license and let us park anyway, trusting she had enough collateral on him to expect a return after he hit up an ATM.
The streak continued when I found our seats while Patrick went back to tie his loose ends. We wouldn't see each other for another 30 minutes, due to me being in the right seat and the right row of the wrong section, and Patrick not having his phone to find me!
(I swear this is a fantastic picture on my computer, and Blogger has been doing this really weird thing where it chooses random images to lift the saturation and contrast out of!!)
Saying I was disappointed to miss Panic at the Disco sing "Miss Jackson" and see Capitol cities do a little jig while singing one of their catchy tunes would be underly adequate, but a glimmer of excitement hung tight, knowing we'd arrived together (finally) in the actual correct seats, just in time to see Blue October. 
30 Second to Mars was an extremely pleasant surprise. As it turns out, Jared Leto's not just all stunning blue eyes with a chiseled jaw line and good hair; he has the chops to sing anything acoustic (the ultimate talent test), including a Rihanna cover, and has a sense of humor to match.
With a charming knack for getting the crowd hyped and engaged, the energy was infectious, especially when he had the crowd raise their lit phones up high, brightening the entire venue like a glow worm while he sang "City of Angels". My favorite part was an intimate moment when the entire crowd sang "The Kill" with just Jared and his guitar. Beautiful.
Nostalgia set in when Stone Temple Pilots hit the stage. Playing all my old favorite rock songs I remember listening to with my parents growing up, I felt sorry for all the really young kids who bailed early, going home without being able to appreciate a part of Alternative Rock's history. 
I was intrigued to witness how well Chester Bennington meshed with the band as the new lead singer. At times he sounded exactly like Scott Weiland, making it easy to pretend it was the complete original band, and then other times he sounded like the lead singer of another band singing another band's song (duh.....completely expected since he IS the lead singer for Linkin Park, after all). 
If I held them to a snobby state of criticism, I'd say they harmonized well and overall sounded fantastic, but was the most believable when performing their new songs......and I really, REALLY wanted to hear Chester belt it out with his signature scream, like I know he can, regardless of whether or not it fit in with a STP song. 
And then there was the ice storm that took the forever underprepared DFW roads hostage.........
I hate being robbed of time and money, but such is this funny, funny life. 

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