Thursday, December 5, 2013

How'd I Get So Lucky?: Weeks 12-13

It's a good thing I never throw away my fat pants. Between those, and my new Bellaband, it's the only way I can get away with not buying maternity clothes yet (seeing as how I'm still in that awkward stage), while also avoiding looking like I only own pajamas or scrubs. I'm scared most people will just think I'm not afraid to hide my beer gut, so I'm still hiding behind baggy shirts and layers, but thought I'd show it off for the picture for documentation purposes (along with my 3 day old hair....then I immediately changed right back into my pj's).
My tailbone has been aching a lot, which I've read is normal......even though no one has EVER mentioned it to me before. 
Really, though, my butt pain is absolutely no match for this sinus infection I've been battling (probably pay back for not canceling Thanksgiving to help my parents move). My teeth, neck and head felt like a ticking time bomb for so long, I finally gave it to Patrick (who has it even worse than me now and is keeping me awake at night with his awful snoring......poor thing), followed him to his doctor where I got advice to call my OB, who phoned in a prescription for me, which wasn't ready until the next day because CVS is the slowest pharmacy in the world and I have no idea why we still go to them besides the fact that we're lazy and it's just down the road.
Can you tell my coping mechanisms are running thin?
Fortunately I've had two really sweet puppies to cuddle with me while I sleep all day and pretend to watch movies......and a husband who despite being sick, himself, still tries his hardest to take care of me. 
How'd I ever get so lucky?
P.S. Before I got sick and turned into a complete helpless baby about it, I went to a Yoga class and LOVED it. It did feel kinda weird, though, having a bit of a stomach I couldn't suck in to bend into certain poses. I'm now researching prenatal yoga classes; I think it could really help keep me motivated in the gym. 


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