Monday, December 16, 2013

It's That Time Again

As always, we waited until the ultimate last minute to start working on the annual kpLOVE Christmas CD and now it's crunch time! We work better under pressure. 
Of course, we can't send out a CD filled with Christmas cover songs without a cheesy picture of the two of us on the cover. Don't worry, I wont use the one with my belly hanging out (see above)....THAT kept happening and it was a few weeks ago!
You may be wondering who our photographer was........which would be none other than Me, Myself, the self timer, and this amazing new tripod I found that starts off about 6 inches tall and expands to 42 inches! (A big step up from last year, which was balancing our tiny bendy tripod on top of a box, sitting on a stool, centered on a chair....haha)
Oh, and those candy canes that we so cleverly used to make into a heart (yeah right.....TOTALLY stole the idea from Pinterest) are Sour War Head Candy Canes. Best candy cane ever invented!!
I wanted better scenery than the backyard privacy fence this year, so we headed down to Deep Ellum and stalked the vintage walls, taking selfies of ourselves like a couple of crazy people (which only helped us fit right in, if you're familiar with the area).
Being in Deep Ellum is almost like being back in Hollywood, a little bit of this and a little bit of that; a lot of old and ghetto mixed with some spiffy new, equipped with crazy's, normals, and hippies, with music, art and food on every corner, and never a shortage of police sirens or character.
A few people got intuitive and asked if my blue shirt with the blue walls indicated a gender reveal, but I assure you, we have no idea; blue just happened to be the "it" color that day.
It is funny, though, considering Patrick wore blue, I wore blue, and we kept ending up in front of blue walls!
But it was nothing more than pretty, promise. 
One more confession........we weren't really on our A-game this year. Apologies. 
You'd think getting iced in over a weekend and having an actual decorated studio room devoted solely to creative thinking would reinforce some production, but sickness is a powerful force (2 days before we recorded, I could barely swallow my throat hurt so bad, and Patrick was no better off).
The good news is, there's always next year!!!
The extra good news is I'm dedicating this entire week to kpLOVE Christmas songs of years past by including them in my posts!!!!! I know you're excited, especially if your CD's are as unorganized in the trunk of your car as mine are and you've been wanting to pull out your old favorites to get you in the spirit, but couldn't find them!
What you may not know about this tradition is we started it 5 years ago, our first Christmas as a married couple, to send out the gift of joy to family and friends since we wouldn't see anyone for the holidays (we were living in California) and couldn't afford to buy anyone gifts (we were very poor, but very happy).
If you have a this year's coming in the mail, well, I hope it arrives in time.
And with all that being said, I really do hope you have a Christmas filled with love, laughter, and peace.
Remember, love comes in all different sort of ways; spread it as much as you expect to receive it!

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