Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Celebrating in the Spirit

After our OB/GYN appointment, I was starving and we had a Groupon that was expiring soon, so we hit up the shops for some sushi!!!!!
Naan had some great "cooked" choices, and after we told them our circumstance, said they could actually make any roll of our choice cooked!
We may have overindulged a bit, but it was soooooooo good!
Afterwards, we took a short walk down the street to admire the gigantic Christmas tree.
Patrick likes to be tough when he goes to work and never brings a coat, so we didn't stay long since he was freezing.
Then we went home to consolidate vehicles, make a warm drink, and headed back out to look at Christmas lights to get in the spirit. 
The shopping center in Highland Park had more lights on their trees than I have ever seen!!
It was gorgeous, like a lit winter wonderland. 
As much as I love the white lights, I think the colored ones are my absolute favorite, especially when they're on a real tree!
We brought the fur babies with us to cruise around town. 
Sumo never has enjoyed looking out the window much like Callie does (he gets too scared), but then we learned as long as we're going 35mph or less, he LOVES it, especially when the windows are rolled down and he can smell the really big dogs walking around town pulling those people behind them (AKA the horse and carriages touring the neighborhood).
In a multi-million dollar home area, one can only image how pretty some of the decorations were! It's pretty challenging to get a good picture in the dark in a moving car, but I managed to capture a few things. 
One house had personalized Jack-in-the-Boxes down their entire yard that were synchronized to music and danced (the picture only shows about half of them).
But me personally......I'm a sucker for the whimsical trees. 

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