Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Milestone of Relief: 11.4 Weeks

The hustle bustle of Thanksgiving week pushed up my 12 week ultrasound by a couple of days, but who was I to complain? 
Up until this point, I'd still been feeling pretty sickly, blessed with enough miserable symptoms to help mute my fears. Excitement was actually starting to supersede my ultrasound anxiety; after all, this was the big scary milestone point for us. The whole family was waiting on pins and needles for good news to follow the NT scan, which measures a particular space on the back of the baby's neck to rule out a few different forms of Trisomy. Patrick made a groaning sound when he saw our ultrasound tech was the exact same lady, leading us head first into deja vu, into the exact same room for the exact same test. But oddly enough, I turned and gave him a reassuring smile this time, feeling like everything would be okay. 
It's a fun reality check of how big your baby is getting when they can finally do an ultrasound without requiring you to drop your pants first!
At first glance, we got to hear a doppler of little Cotton's heart beating at a steady 154 BPM and see his/her little movements while nesting in a cozy corner, but the baby's position was inhibiting the tech from getting all her measurements, so she had me cough and change positions. After several attempts at projecting my lungs across the room, we were successful, and Cotton put on a show by doing some acrobatic tricks, moving faster than the camera could focus. It's crazy to see the baby move so much and not be able to feel it; at 3 inches long from head to toe and measuring 2 days ahead of schedule, it just still isn't strong enough yet to make it's presence known in that way.
"Best looking Carruth baby I've seen all day," Dr. B said as he walked into the room.
"Is it the only Carruth baby you've seen all day?" I asked. 
"Well I wasn't going to mention that part. But really, he/she looks perfect. You're glowing, by the way."
"Eh. You said that last time. I think it's just the light in here."
"No, really. Pregnancy looks really good on you. I don't say that to everyone."
So with a good bill of health, we were sent on our way, not to return this time for 4 more weeks. And Dr. B, the man who is so big on nutrition he mentions it every time I see him, gave me permission to eat whatever I wanted over the holidays.
A few days later, I received a phone call from the office saying all my blood work for the screening was completely normal. *Sigh of relief.*
Now we're on the subject of whether or not to find out Cotton's gender before delivery, currently leaning towards waiting for a big finale surprise.........but I'm letting this one ultimately be Patrick's decision.


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