Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Sweet Sweet Sound: Week 16

The Friday before our appointment, I made a last ditch effort to call Dr. B's office and basically beg for an ultrasound. Going from having visuals of Cotton grow every 2 weeks to not even setting foot in the doctor's office for 4 whole weeks was already a big step for us. Unfortunately, insurance wont pay for any ultrasound that isn't medically necessary (we're going to look at that as a positive, since it means everything is going well), so unless we were willing to throw $100 on the table to see our baby in black in white for a couple of minutes, we were out of luck. Regardless of the cost, Patrick was still willing to pay the big bucks to see his little one, but scheduling didn't allow for it anyway, so the doppler it was!
Ultrasound or no ultrasound, it was still a really fun and surreal appointment, aside from the being the poked and prodded parts.
In other news, most of my shirts are getting a little too short to be appropriate and even my unbuttoned pants with a bellyband are just getting flat out uncomfortable (those bellybands don't take into account girls with voluptuous derrieres and I get so tired of pulling it down in the back every 3 seconds), so I hit up a Motherhood Maternity sale for some basics.

Obviously I want whatever I buy to stand the test of time, so I used the pillow belly to verify my size........and then I laughed out loud for about 5 minutes (but not so loud that the sales lady would think I was losing my marbles).
P.S. If you're finding yourself in the market, comfy shirts like I have on above are buy 1 get one free at Motherhood Maternity, and Burlington Coat Factory has a small selection with dirt cheap prices! (Both of those places can feel totally free to compensate me for my advertisement.)

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