Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Keeping my Sanity on Ice Day

Whoa Nelly......and we thought Thursday night was bad! 
On Friday morning, we woke up to the not so subtle sound of sleet making it's presence known against our windows. I immediately jumped up to look outside to see the damage, but my vision was completely obstructed by all the sheet of ice covering the window screen. 
Downstairs, the picture was clear. EVERYTHING was covered in a thick sheet of solid ice, almost in disguise as snow, but proved it's true colors when it remained unscathed after being walked on.
We were lucky enough to still have power, but with the weight of the sleet and frozen rain weighing down the power lines, breaking tree limbs in two like they were made of fragile old glass, and even powerful enough to collaspe awnings down on top of cars, I tried not to take our initial accommodations for granted and made sure I had plenty of projects to work on and enough food to eat that didn't require cooking in case we eventually lost power like the quarter of a million others in the area already had. 
Even with enough to do, though, there's nothing to make me feel extremely trapped like knowing I'm stuck in the house for an unknown amount of time.......but I've never seen my asparagus fern look so pretty (don't worry, all my other plants were happily incubating indoors)! 
This all really put a dent in my plans of getting my half marathon bib, making Christmas candy, and having dinner at a friend's house, but I was determined to somehow be productive. 
The chilly temps called for insulated puppies, which then led to a very adorable photo shoot. 
A little bribery goes a long way. 
Nana got these little doggy long john's last year on the clearance rack and we've been waiting all year for just the right time to show them off!
"Waiting for Santa."
Cold weather and window watching makes these two cutie pie's frisky!
And speaking of puppy dogs, my mom sent me this picture of my dad at the deer lease looking like a dog eared eskimo! 
If I wasn't already entertained, this was enough to keep me laughing for a solid hour. 


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