Wednesday, November 5, 2014

4 Months: Our Boy Be Tall

Better late than never, I always say!
We had to do 3 shots at one time again. I cried about it 3 days before it even happened, just thinking about how bad I felt for my Sweetness. And when the moment actually came, there he was, charming the entire Pedi office with his smiles and coo's, admiring his handsome self in the mirror, kicking with glee, oh so trusting.........and out comes those mean ol' needles. My heart broke for him, but I think he handled it better than I did.
Child care has been a little dramatic and stressful for us over the past month, but we've finally found something that works.......for now. It's already difficult enough for me to stay up with Dillon all day and then work all night with no consistency in my sleep schedule, but then when I added staying up the entire next day with him as well, we had to make a change, quick! I never want to feel so close to death again. We were so fortunate to find Judy, a lady who lives on the way to Patrick's new job (Patrick got a new job!!!!), since we really really REALLY didn't want to send Dillon to a day care at such a young age, especially during respiratory season.
Our boy be tall. Real tall........Like off the growth chart tall, literally!!!! (Not that we expected any less, considering his father, uncle, and both his grandfathers, are all 6'3"-6'4".)

Weight: 17 lb 7 oz (90%)
Height: 27.5 in (>95%)
Head: 17.25 in (85%)

Here are a few of Dillon's milestones/personality traits blossoming this month:
1. He's moved on from only simple coo's to pronouncing M's and sometimes B's and lots of gurgles with experimental yelling.
2. He no longer wants to sleep-in with me. I try to coax him to on days that I work and he just cries from the boredom.......this is one sad momma.
3. I finally stopped being so obsessive over his stats. No more logging every pee diaper a day and every ounce he is consuming; just going with the flow.......and somehow he's still surviving.
4. We've made a slow transition to crib sleeping. It started with finally being triumphant in short pack-n-play naps (they are getting longer, the more he gets accustomed, but in the beginning he was only taking three 30 minute naps a day) without the special infant bed. I just made boundaries around him with blanket rolls (a NICU maneuver) in effort to trick him into thinking everything was the same. When we were successful at that for a few days, then we put our brave faces on and tried it for bed time. We waited until the weekend, prepared to lose sleep, but lo and behold, he slept for 12 straight hours and woke with the sunrise flashing that sweet dimple!
5. He's still a great traveler and he still HATES tummy time. I've had to be creative about getting him on positions to strengthen his back and arms. His pediatrician confirmed with me that because he is so big, he has to be THAT much stronger to do anything, so the fact that he is sitting in triad position is amazing.
6. He loves to be tickled, and thinks it's hilarious when Patrick scoots his feet across the living room floor and then runs at him with his arms stretched out like he's going to "get him".
7. Any time he's mad, I can get him to chill out by simply bringing him outside. 


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