Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Best Way to Celebrate

On Thanksgiving night, cousin Allison and I made a complete spontaneous trip to the theater to see Catching Fire (I think my first trip to the movies since the first Hunger Games movie debuted.). We were both like "Oooooo" and "Aaaaahhhhh" and "Ommigosh! I forgot that happened until now!" Better than the first movie, definitely. Then we headed back to Nana's for some quiet time and cookies. 
I'm pretty sure this is universal, but I believe the best way to celebrate any occasion is with good food! It's probably why we battle obesity here in the south. 
We had quite a large lunch spread for such a small group of people, but when it comes to Thanksgiving, all the regular casseroles are a must. 
Patrick deep fried a turkey to perfection.
My favorite quote of the day with from Patrick's dad, "Thanksgiving is probably the only meal that I don't go back for seconds."
 (Let's not dwell on the fact that his plate was completely covered from edge to edge and four inches high with layers of extra servings! Classic.) All of which was followed by watching football and a snapping a quick family photo.
The down side: My parents had officially started moving into their newly built house and although we were headed to help the next morning and bringing a fresh home-cooked breakfast with us, I've never felt so guilty for celebrating a holiday. Not that anyone would let me do anything, because apparently being pregnant means you can't pick up boxes or reach your arms above your head (wives tails I'm still trying to prove untrue to firm believers......but until then, I guess I'll take it as my easy way out token). 


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