Thursday, December 12, 2013

Hello Second Trimester, Goodbye Half Marathon: Week 14

I was so bummed the Metro PCS Half Marathon was canceled due to the terrible icy roads. I was ready to kiss my first trimester goodbye with a bang by breaking new records. I even had my list all planned out.

First record: My slowest time yet to ever complete a half marathon race (since my OB/GYN strongly believes in not running during pregnancy).
Second record: The longest I've walked at one time since I've been pregnant.
Third record: The coldest half marathon I've ever participated in.
Fourth Record: Making my mother the most nervous wreck she's ever been.
Fifth record: Accomplishing more records than I ever thought possible in one day, in only 4 hours.

The worst part about it all is there'll be no re-do and absolutely no refunds, just a t-shirt for a race I never got to participate in mailed to my door.......which will officially be the most expensive t-shirt I own!
 I guess I should feel good about that money being donated to charity, but honestly, I feel like it was donated under false pretenses. Oh well, right? It's a darn good thing I didn't actually invest my blood sweat and tears training for this race or I'd be losing my mind right now (I feel extremely sorry for those who did, especially the runners that actually trained for the entire marathon)! Never again do I think I'll register for a winter race in Texas. Our weather is just too unpredictable.......and as a result, never again will this probably ever happen! Next year, watch it be sunny with a high of 80F (not too outrageous, considering that's exactly what it was here less than a week ago).
In other notes, I'm all about being affordably comfortable, so I gave in and went to a resale shop to practically steal 2 pairs of maternity pants for only $6 each! (Those jeans in the picture above??? Totally one of them.) I know my belly doesn't look very big yet, but life without buttons and zippers makes a world of difference when I sit down since there's no such thing as sucking in anymore!
Physically I'm starting to feel better, except for my "spells", as I call them. I'll be feeling really good, and then once or twice a day I get slammed with a ton of bricks and feel extremely overwhelmed with exhaustion, like if I don't lay down I'll pass out or throw up. The best part is I officially finished taking all my extra pills (no more metformin, no more antibiotics), which means I'm down to only 3 total pills a day (prenatals) and don't have to look like a sick old lady who carries around her 7-day pill organizer with a mini pharmacy inside!! YAY!!!!
P.S. I know last week's picture said Cotton was the size of a lemon, but I guess that depends on how big the lemon is!! Other sites say last week could better be compared to a pea pod, measuring in at 3 inches. 


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