Tuesday, December 31, 2013

When He Gets Close To Me....

.............I shiver.

The most amazing man's birthday was on Sunday (my husband's). Sure, I may be biased, but for good reason. 

He knows just how important the power of touch is. 
He also is aware of how equally weighted verbal language can be if used in the right way.
He's a man of integrity in love, in life, and in work.
He has a vulnerable heart, in the best way possible.
He'd sacrifice the very last thing in his possession if it meant making sure I had everything I needed to be happy.
He's a family man.
He doesn't just tell me I'm beautiful, he finds a way to make me feel it, inside and out.

To celebrate his coming to and staying in this world, I surprised him with a double date reservation, Carrie and Ryan were also celebrating their wedding anniversary, at Season's 52. Laughter and food is always a good combination. We only made too much of a ruckus a couple of times, as evidenced by the stares from neighboring tables who obviously weren't having as much fun as us. Even better, a sweet friend of ours is a manager there, but was off that night, and made arrangements to surprise us with a bill sans the appetizers and desserts we indulged in!
*Sorry you had to buy your own birthday card (since I didn't have any cash and my debit card had to be canceled, thanks to Target's security breech) and gave it to you two days late (my bad), and that the Cowboys lost (again), but I hope you had a birthday to remember for years to come. 
(Vickie got Patrick and Amy a cookie cake to commemorate last year's epic grammatical icing failure.)


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