Thursday, December 19, 2013

I Almost Got Caught!!

(2012 is my favorite kpLOVE Christmas CD to date and our first year of using Garage Band instead of the old school recorder with missing buttons and knobs!!!)

A December day fill with beautiful weather, a beautiful latte from my favorite coffee shop, and a couple of beautiful girlfriends is about as much as a girl could ask for. 
Ale brought her little man Gabriel to visit and I swear he's doubled in size since the last time I got to party with him!!
He was totally outnumbered by girls talking about girl things, but I don't think he minded much. 
After our day date, I had one last minute gift to purchase and wrap before Patrick got home. I was thrilled with the thought of having plenty of time, since he was going to workout after work. 
Imagine my surprise when I heard the dogs bark and the keyless entry beep while I was in the garage gathering supplies while his present was completely exposed in the dining room!!! I immediately ran to the gate and pleaded for him not to come inside, just yet, while I hid the goods. 
Unfortunately for him the migraine fairy had come to visit, which allowed me to shoo him upstairs, so I could nurse him back to health and have privacy downstairs to finish what I'd started. Predictably, he still tried to mosey his way back down a couple of times, hoping to catch a glimpse of something, but alas, he still knows nothing. And THAT, my friends, was a very close call!

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