Monday, December 2, 2013

Wanna Know How to Annoy Me?

A really generous higher up that Patrick works with gave us lower level tickets to see the Mav's play the night before Thanksgiving, which turned out to be the perfect excuse to take the train downtown and stay out late enough for all the holiday traffic to die down before we made our quest to Waco.

At only a few rows from the floor (and we didn't even have to lie, steal, or cheat to get there), our seats were amazing compared to anything we're used to (you bet I'll be baking that guy some fresh cookies soon, in hopes for more donations); it's so nice to actually be able to gage how tall the players really are.

We scarfed our Philly Cheesecake's down as neatly as possible (because it would only figure that at the very moment our faces got nonchalantly covered in gooey melted cheese, the fan cam would unmistakably thrive on our embarrassment, like the older couple who got caught making-out later in the night), then devoted our complete focus to the game. 
Of course, this would be the night that a complete a-hole with a nasally voice that projected like he was yelling into a megaphone sat directly behind us and didn't stop talking long enough to even take a breath for the entire 2.5 hours. He had no idea what was happening around him (a very suspenseful game), especially the part where the girl in the aztec sweater sitting in front of him was literally seconds away from turning around and ripping his face off (because there was no way duct tape was going to do the trick for this guy). Even the woman sitting next to me (whom I bonded with after we both almost got clobbered in the head by a thrown t-shirt ball) had a shocked look of disbelief when she realized the same guy was still going strong after her and her man came back from the half time break. I'll give him this much: the man had endurance.

Have you ever had an extremely annoying person by you at an event? Did you tolerate it or resort to intervention?


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