Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Eight People Slept in Our House!

Since Patrick's highlight of the week is going to see one of his favorite teams beat the crap out of another team, he likes to make sure and keep his style super trendy. It's prudent to feel good and look good in a new outfit, but all the mirrors were being used so we resorted to staged life like situational phone photography as a substitute. (Yeah.....this didn't look awkward at all....)
Decked out in game day appropriate gear and ready to cheer, we packed the whole family into the big bertha mobile and headed to Jerry's place.
This place is seriously so big, you can be a mile from it and think it's just a block away. Mind blown......
After our walk across the metroplex (I may be exaggerating a tad, but barely....those bike and carriage guys made a killing off of the swarms of people who didn't want to walk...), we only had a few minutes to spare for hitting up the Vaherencamp tailgate.
For some reason, we can never figure out how to arrive in time for a more decent amount of pre-game celebrations.
I know what you're thinking.....best looking windblown couple in Arlington, right? It turned out to be a really crummy day for flowing locks of hair. Mine was so tangled when we got home, I almost just took out the scissors and went back to my old pixie days.
Let me just say, Patrick was very lucky to make it into the game alive. I was so close to forming a angry mob to take him out during our 45 minutes in line just to get into the doors of the stadium. I'm sure he just thought he was being comical, but my hormones had a tendency to disagree. 
Despite having a great time, I think we can all agree our seats were just ridiculously high....about 9 rows from the tip top, to be exact. The only time I actually spent watching the field instead of the big screen was during Baylor's impressive half-time show, a tribute to all the armed forces with very creative formations to represent each one. 
But let me be completely honest here.....I didn't stay awake for the longest football game in the history of college football. I can barely stay awake for any extensive amount of time these days, no matter what's going on. Some people think this is funny.....
The more I look at this picture, the more I'm embarrassed that this isn't exactly the most flattering pose for me.......but hey, I am who I am!
The sad part about the night is I'm a little slow and wasn't very keen on how to use my new self timer yet, thought I took a great group photo of the entire family with the beautiful shiny empty stadium in the background and then had a lady take our picture also, just in case......to find out once home, that none of those pictures were actually taken!!! Bummer. 
Good thing we paused for a microscopic family picture in the sky mirror before heading to IHOP for dinner because it was basically the only thing left open, and then back to the kpLOVE residence for a gigantic slumber party (a record for us).

What's the most amount of people that's ever slept in your house/apartment/townhome/tailer/car/hotel at one time?


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