Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Seeing Stars

What I'd wish someone had mentioned to me before attending a hockey game, was how cold the venue is kept in order to maintain the ice! I obviously should have known, but wasn't exactly putting two and two together, considering I'd been to the American Airlines Center a million times (It's incredible how fast that place can be made over into something entirely different; just the very night before that floor was a basketball court!) and always find it fairly warm inside. Needless to say I found myself extremely jealous of the girls sitting in front of me wearing mittens and jackets. 
I've been to a ton of DFW sporting events, but never a Stars hockey game, so when we got the invitation from Patrick's friend, Seth, we of course jumped at going. (Not to mention, I'm always looking for excuses to be near Victory Park so I can eat at Naga or Neo's.)
The only thing I knew about hockey was what The Mighty Ducks taught me, so to put it mildly......I had a lot to learn. Seth and Patrick were very patient with me as I asked more questions then a 5 year old, and then I found this handy dandy tip sheet in the program to teach me more in depth about all the penalties I wouldn't be paying attention to.......I was too preoccupied with how many sticks were broken and left on the ice during the game.
In the mean time, my hero Patrick, went on a search to find me some hot chocolate to keep me from feeling like Miley Cryus at a Late Night Show ( case you didn't get it......because she doesn't wear clothes these days and always talks about how cold the sets are.)
I wonder how many people around us were wondering why me and that guy in the plaid shirt were yelling, "Pick 'em up! Put 'em down!"? (Too bad for them, they never went to that Allen hockey game with us a few years ago when we got to be on the Kiss Cam and made up hilariously ridiculous things to yell at the players while drinking a little too much.)
Thanks, Seth, for dinner and a game. We owe you one, buddy.

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