Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Kessler

Last Sunday night, to continue on with my birthday festivities that everyone's probably tired of hearing about by now (Hey, I get a whole week. It's just how it is.), we met Tim and Lara in the Bishop Arts District of Oak Cliff for some dinner and a concert.
Everyone was letting me decide on the food, and up until the last minute I still couldn't come up with anything that sounded good (very uncharacteristic of me) besides bread, so Eno's it was, where the boys could have their pizza and the girls could have bread and soup after eating appetizers of fresh bruschetta and truffle cheese bread.
As if I wasn't already blessed enough over the weekend, Lara surprised me with a new apron similar to one she has that I really liked. As soon as I start cooking again, I'll be putting it to good use, and it'll be perfect for flower shop days!
From one cute place to the next, we headed down the road to The Kessler. Built in the 1940's, this vintage building with a serious art deco flair that's been partially destroyed by disasters over the years but restored and still standing, has been everything from a movie theater, to a church, to a retail store, and now a unique and understated concert/art venue.
Today, it's renovated to be pretty true to it's original state, making it a very cool and intimate place for a concert. Even cooler, sitting in the comfy seats of the double row balcony was a perfect perch for people watching, especially one drunk girl in particular (who we were taking bets on for puking before the night was over from all the spinning she was doing).
The headliner we came for, A Silent Film, is a British indie band we missed while having lunch at Edge Fest last spring, with a confusing name that leaves most people wondering if you're talking about listening to a band or watching an actual very old style movie with no sound.
If you're vaguely familiar with any of their songs, it'd probably be Harbour Lights, but my favorite for the night was a new song performed beautifully with just the piano, of which the name I remain clueless to.
Now, the important question is.......how do we get Dave and Tim to play here?!?!?!? 

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