Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Casino night is a fantastic part of the year when the Pediatrix group of doctors that collaboratively work with our local NICU's throw a big party to show their gratitude.
Last year it was extra special because it was on my birthday, and this year it was super special because it was Ale's and Zach's very first night out since becoming new parents.
Besides, anytime there's a free dinner involved with dancing and potential take home prizes, I'm totally game.
Latricia managed to take a break in all her hardcore travel nursing in perfect timing for the event, and was sure not to forget her photo albums for bragging rights to make me jealous.

With so many fun things to do, it didn't take long for everyone to split up and cover some ground. I planned on taking advantage of a free night of gambling and headed straight for the Craps table, hoping someone would have mercy on me and teach a sober girl new tricks. As it turns out, I'm a pretty lucky dice roller. I had so much fun betting all my chips like a high roller, I actually stayed at the same table until last call. 
When I got back to the table to retrieve Patrick's gambling ticket he never used so I could add it to my raffle stash, I learned he was having a little too much fun out on the dance floor entertaining all my coworkers. So much fun that he'd lost his ticket; probably danced it right out of his pocket. Tsk, tsk.
That boy loves a crowd. 
To my surprise, someone overheard my gentle confrontation with him about the issue (I was serious about winning something from this raffle), and as a result, donated his tickets to me. Seriously. I tried briefly explaining to him that he could drop those very tickets into prize bags for a drawing to win something cool, but he insisted. So I took them a ran. 

And then I danced the rest of the evening away with my girls. It's so weird dancing while completely sustaining from alcohol; I don't think I've ever done both at the same time before. 
I bet that guy was kicking himself in the butt when he saw me jump up from the table and cheer for myself excessively after they called my number as the winner of a Samsung Galaxy Mini Tablet!!! I offered to cut it in half and split it with him, but he graciously denied as a gentleman should, and then looked really scared when his girlfriend asked him what the heck I was talking about. Oops. 
When the party was over, Ale and Zach still had some left over babysitter time they wanted to utilize, so we headed to the shops to try out a new upscale Mexican joint. Even with that obscenely unfocused iphone picture, you can tell just how beautiful it is over there during the holiday season........which is the only thing I miss about our old apartment living (besides being walking distance from my favorite Sushi place).
We all  know appearances aren't everything, and this place was lacking in everything but that. After being completely disappointed that they would no longer serve chips and salsa, and a million minutes after everyone placed their drink order (they couldn't even make me a virgin ANYTHING), the drinks rolled out from behind the bar and straight onto Patrick's shirt (not only did the manager already have to apologize for their extreme tardiness when the place was practically empty, but had to come back and pay for the entire table's order since they ruined Patrick's shirt with sangria).
It's a good thing we all know how to laugh off a horrible restaurant decision!  
One shirt down, one tablet gained. Patrick is so jealous, he's now calling me Mrs. Technology. 

What's the best thing you've ever won?


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