Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Happily Miserable: Week 8

The worst part of my day right now is brushing my teeth, which I'm doing a dentist's nightmare of. As soon as the toothbrush passes the threshold of my lips, my eyes and mouth start watering profusely just to hold back the vomit rising in my esophagus. The gag reflex isn't performing conservatively these days and I fear its causing adverse breath affects, as if the added iron in my multivitamin isn't already doing a good enough job of that already (sorry everyone who gets to close). I'm so thirsty, and yet water tastes terrible.......
The articles say when you're feeling exhausted, a brisk walk can boost one's energy levels, but my body begs to differ. It'd rather survive in a comatose state and literally feel like it's rejecting action of any kind at all times. Sometimes I don't know if I'm so tried I'm nauseous or so nauseous it's making me feel tired, or both!
Speaking of action, I think I'm going to bring a bat with me to the gym next week, so I can demolish a T.V. off an elliptical. Up and down and up and down the image shifts. Between being bound to a machine for lengthy periods in a building saturated with the rancid smell of collective sweat and having a shifting image so close to my face the entire time, I'm literally sea sick. I've been attempting to make it Zumba instead so I can look like an idiot by doing the complete opposite of everyone else in class, but it's so difficult being bound to the limited time schedule. 
 At 7 weeks, Patrick asked how something the size of a long grain of rice could make my stomach poke out so much.........good question. Bloating is a beast of it's own nature. He's also genuinely concerned about the way I sleep and has repeatedly begged me not to sit up and lean forward anymore, as if I have control over my lifelong awkward sleeping habits. My mom's tried to get me to stop "sleeping on my head" (as she calls it) for years! 
I've been more involuntarily moody than I ever recall. (Crying, getting easily annoyed, you name it, I've done it.
Vivid dreams pay frequent visits, except for that night I drank 2 glasses of tea before bed and had to get up 7 times to pee (I counted)!
All this may sound like complaining, but seriously, I'm completely thrilled to have the opportunity to feel this way (I even shortened the list of symptoms so it didn't sound too whiny.....). The whole truth and nothing but the truth: time between ultrasounds passes very slowly and the only thing I have to help subdue my worries are these symptoms making me happily miserable.

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