Friday, November 1, 2013

The Best of Intentions

You know how you look forward to something for a whole year because it's one of your favorite things, and months in advance you make sure you have off work for it, and weeks in advance you start making preparations, and when the day finally comes you totally bail because you're too exhausted to even consider getting up to go to the bathroom, much less actually getting dressed and pretend you're having fun and want to talk to people? 
Oh wait a minute.......I did that.
There were a couple of people who were in town who wanted to see us really bad, so I managed to put my face on and threw on my yarn wig so all the preparations wouldn't be a complete waste not because I had greasy granny hair and didn't want to wash or fix it, and we showed up long enough for a guy dressed as Walter Sobchak from The Big Lebowksi to recognize Patrick and I as Raggedy Ann and Andy solely based on a childhood memory linked to red yarn and dolls he probably knew way too much about, then got some grub at IHOP (because what sober person in their right mind wants to be submerged into a drunken crowd at an outdoor restaurant with rickety picnic tables sinking into the muddy ground under a leaking awning) where people stared at me like my head was on fire. Patrick told everyone he'd, "put it out" when we got home..........and "out" was a pretty accurate description; asleep within minutes to regather myself for yet another night of work.
The funnest part was running out to the car in the pouring rain to sit down and realize our butts were completely soaked, the fine work of Patrick accidentally leaving the windows rolled down in efforts to air out the mildew smell coming from the trunk, caused by an overturned cooler that went unnoticed for a couple of days too long! Sometimes even the best of intentions go horribly wrong. 
Sorry Halloween. Maybe we can meet again next year. If you're not too offended, I just plan on wearing the same costume......the way-better-all-out version, of course. 

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