Friday, October 25, 2013

Happy Ending

One of Patrick's favorite things is Baylor football. He's been to several games this season so far and always complains that his wife is always working when he goes, so given the opportunity last week, I made a last minute switch, got 3 hours of sleep, and finally made it to a game date with that handsome husband of mine.
We got into town early enough to eat at Ninfas (my favorite) with the fam (and my brother's new Facebook official girlfriend), swung by a couple of tailgating events, and then squooshed into the bleachers for one of the highest attendance games of the season (it was homecoming after all).
A beautiful sunny October day turned into a wonderfully chilly October night, minus the disturbingly odd spider silks migrating through the sky over the field, threatening to land on innocent and unsuspecting spectators any minute. Their presence was only amplified by the field lights and I couldn't stop worrying I was caught in a sci-fi movie and the mother of all spiders was just waiting for the right moment to peak around a building and trap everyone in it's giant web. (Proof it doesn't pay to watch scary movies.)
The highlight of my night was the hot cocoa, but I'm pretty sure everyone else's was the announcement that Texas A&M lost. The crowd roared with delight.
Actually, no matter what happened or where I was, after working 52 hours in one week, I was just happy to be enjoying an evening with no responsibilities. A happy ending for all.......except the Aggies, I guess. 

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