Thursday, October 17, 2013

Snow in October!!!

Outside on the patio eating pizza on a beautiful fall evening in downtown.....
An incomplete sentence, and yet, need I say more?
I needn't, but I shall. 
After Neo's with Lara and Tim, we walked to House of Blues just in time for the doors to open, hoping we were early enough to get our faces painted for the Walk the Moon concert. Unfortunately, it was come-with--your-own-damn-face-paint-night, so once again we were the dummies with just regular makeup on and decided mauve lipstick wouldn't really look very cool as warrior stripes (I guess they were too tired from performing at ACL to go the extra mile).
The Mowgli's (you may know them by their most popular song, San Francisco), what we decided has to be one of the poorest hippy bands out there due to that fact they have enough members to form a small village, set the Fen Shui in the room by smudging the stage. (I seriously had to look that up, because I had no idea what lighting a stick of sage and waving it's smoke all over the room was all about.) During their performance, they told us it may snow later, but I genuinely thought it was because they were about to sing The Great Divide, and never considered it having literal meaning.
Walk the Moon entered stage with Circle of Life blaring through the speakers. The little kid came out in everyone, grownups alike singing aloud. The cool thing about these Ohio native indie rock guys is their ability to bring out the young booty shaking skills of all genders and walks of people. With their songs consisting of only the positive major chords, uplifting lyrics, and an 80's vibe beat, even grown men who you'd usually see awkwardly standing in one place like a stone statue, can't resist the urge to let loose. Fact.
And then, even though it was well above 70 degrees outside, inside it snowed. Fact. Ask Lara, who went downstairs to buy a $40 sweater.


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