Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Any Triple D (Diners, Drive-in's, Dives) watchers in the house?!?! 
Cane Rosso was featured in a Dallas episode, which happened to be located two blocks from our concert, and so we thought what safer way to ensure a yummy dinner adventure???
We told our waiter, Travis, we'd never been there before and asked for recommendations. He invited himself onto our bench immediately and broke down the menu with genuine enthusiasm. As we placed our order, he shook his head yes and confirmed we chose the best on the menu. 
We waited with great anticipation and when our food arrived, dug in with nonexistent hesitation. Which one is which? We took a milli-second to think about it but couldn't figure it out, then continued to eat. 
About half-way through, Travis came back to check on us, "How's your pizza?? Everything taste good???"
We nod, mouths full.
"Well I have to tell you, I was so excited on the way to the kitchen, thinking about this other pizza I like a lot, I accidentally ordered you that pizza instead of the one you actually ordered. I'm so sorry. I can order you another one if you'd like."
What?!?!? You were so excited about something you wanted that you completely disregarded what we wanted? Who does that?!?! It's a fortunate thing what you wanted still tasted good!
The funniest part is we probably wouldn't even have known had he not been honest with us. 
We ordered the most amazing off the menu dessert pizza to end on a sweet note. When it came down to splitting the last piece, Patrick ruined Tim's by rolling it up (probably in hopes Tim wouldn't want his share anymore). It brought on a interesting poll, though. 
The vote was 50/50. The sane 50% was Tim and I, with the answer, "Not in a million years. Why would I ever even consider ruining a good piece of bread like that????" 
The 50% with a lack of sanity being Patrick and Lara with the suggestion, "Haven't you ever balled up a piece of bread in your hand so that you can eat the entire piece in one bite?"
Next on the agenda was walking to Trees to see Walk the Moon. I'm not going to lie, I felt a bit left out when we looked around and noticed almost everyone but us had their colorful war face paint on. We didn't get that memo, but we did find some sweet comfy couches to chill on while the opening band played. And when I say "chill", I mean we sat under a huge air conduit blowing out 60 degree A/C with industrial strength onto Patrick and I's soaking wet clothes (from him squooshing a full bottle of water all over the place while I was trying to mix my drink, which brought special attention our direction from the security guards, which made me paranoid I was going to get caught with my special liquids!!!)........Thanks a lot, Patrick. 
I put on my innocent haha face while Patrick pointed all fingers at me and they jokingly told me they were going to have to "cut me off".......if they only knew. 
The crowd got quiet and the Pure Imagination song from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory filled the air. 
What the heck????
But it gave me a good feeling; not only do I love WWATCF, I love people who still have an appreciation for their imagination. 
For the rest of the night, our clothes and body parts vibrated from the well played sound waves. On a brief break, the lead guitarist played the entire Mario Bros song and had us all smiling in awe and reminiscence. During another song, we were all encouraged to make our loudest and best animal/jungle noises. 
Like I always say, being silly is super fun.  
And for the closing song, they took it to church by having us all think of the negative things bogging us down, raise up our hands, and send it all away through our fingertips to the song I Can Lift A Car.
The crowd loved them, and so did I. 
Before leaving, we tested the quality of the breathalyzer machine. Verdict??? Probably perfect, which is why Lara got a reading of ZERO as the Designated Driver. Maybe those things should in more places! It's all about safe fun, my friends. 

Where do you stand; would you ever wad-up a piece of bread in a ball just to eat it all at once, or do you think that's stupid?
 If you watch Triple D, do you ever try any of the places you've seen featured?


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