Monday, November 5, 2012

Officially Creeped Out

The first day of my birthday week seemed to start out peaceful enough. 
I woke up to a homemade breakfast burrito in bed, served by none other than my amazing husband. 
Then we decided to explore the Nature Preserve on our new side of town. Oak Point is much bigger than Arbor Hills and we had no idea where to start, so we just picked a point and followed the arrows for dummies.
We ventured off onto some dirt trails through the trees where we discovered a pretty creek.
Sumo was dying to find a way to the water, since we normally let them frolic in the creeks on our walks, but the banks were too steep and we didn't feel like risking our lives for the prize of a muddy puppy.
There were some mild wild life sightings around the peaceful pond.......and one sighting that was not so calming. For the record, it wasn't the poop that grossed me out. It was what was in the poop that did me in. 
I don't know why I looked so close, or why this particular turd decided to break apart where it did, but as I reached down to pick it up I noticed a short flat white object.

Holy doo doo balls....did that thing just move?

So I did what any normal girl would do. I picked up the poo and poked it for further inspection. Then watched closer. You read correctly. I poked my dog's shit and put it in my husband's face, hoping this would be the moment he told me I was crazy. Crazy and hallucinating.  

Pat: Oh yeah, I've seen that before. About 2 years ago. And you said it was okay.
Me: What?!?!?! You must have me mistaken for your nasty worm loving mistress, because I would never say something like that was okay.
Pat: Yes you did. I told you about it, and you said he would be fine.
Me: Well that does sound like something I would say. But I don't think I said that!
In case you haven't put the puzzle pieces together yet, it was a tapeworm segment I found. A Tape Worm has been living in my house, laying with me in my bed, stealing our table scraps, hosting my poor puppy's intestines. (Dramatic, I know, but I can't get over the fact that a worm came out of my dog's butt.)
And the best part is the Vet was closed until Monday.
And after my nap, I found out my dad got hit by a car (the driver ran a stop sign) while on his motorcycle. His leg didn't appreciate the colliding and decided to break where the tibia forms the knee joint. He's so lucky to have no other injuries, but even after surgery and rehab it will never be the same.
And Patrick forgot his wallet at home when going to the store (twice).
And something even crazier happened.....
The funny part is, I wrote that last sentence a few days ago, and now that I'm trying to finish writing it, I have no idea where I was going with that!!!
I wish Callie could talk......she totally looks like she knows the secrets of my brain.

Do you ever start something and completely forget what the ending was??


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