Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Times a Changin'

It's amazing how dramatically one hour can change your day.
It was disorienting how dark my drive to work was the first day of the time change. I kept forgetting that small detail and couldn't figure out if I was late to work or if a big storm was shunning the sun. Turns out it was neither of those things. 
Jessica and I went for one of our nice jogs after work and us nocturnes were officially blinded by the light. 
I'm going miss getting to watch the sunrise as we lap around the preserve, but soaking in some vitamin D before bed might not be too shabby of a change. 
I think I tell everyone this every year, but I never get tired of saying it: I LOVE FALL. How could colors like this not steal your heart???
Next week, it's time to start training hard core. Me and Shawn T have a hot and sweaty date every day until February, for I will not be left behind during our Aspen snowshoeing hut trip that I am super excited for!!! These Texan lungs need to be in tip top shape!!!

What's your favorite season?


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