Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Two Words

Holy. Crap.
I really haven't felt like that after a workout since Highschool. Really. Not even while training for my half-marathon. 
I've never been a power person, just mediocre to minimally powerful at best.....which is why I've always been into long distance running instead of something cool and exciting like sprints or hurdles or relays. Slow and steady, that's me; I'm the tortoise. Jumping is not my best suit. It zaps my energy faster than an orgasm, but with way less satisfaction involved. 
All this talk is about how Insanity kicked my ass all over the place yesterday. Shawn T beat me up so badly, I couldn't even finish the last two exercises on the fit test. You want to know how I'm positive I pushed myself to my limits (besides my heart rate monitor)??? I was seeing spots and almost threw up. I kept pacing around, trying to press play, but my instincts told me not to. I think I made a sound decision, considering it took 30 minutes of laying down to get my heart rate to drop to less than 100 beats per minute. 
If you've never tried the video, it incorporates a stupid amount of jumping, and I guess the last few months really beat my body down more than I realized. 
I'm not worried, though. I took before pictures for motivation, wrote down my beginning statitistics, and have a goal in site.
Source: tinyurl.ms via Mrs. on Pinterest

A couple hours later, I couldn't stand the incomplete stats on my fit test.......so I turned the video back on, and pushed through the last two exercises.
Then I had a little beggar at my feet who thinks just because I'm wearing running shoes means she needs to go on a walk every hour (Sumo just follows her lead), so I took the puppies out for a 20 minute jog.
 But with rich views like this, accompanied by 70 degree weather, and a mild wind rustling the leaves loose, causing them to float towards the ground like a rainbow of gravity defying rain, who could mind really?
Ahhh. That's better. 

Ever have a really tough/crappy workout and can't rest easy until you redeem yourself?


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