Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I Can Fill Your Wishes with my Taco Flavored Kisses

Every year the Dallas Pediatrix group throws a big party to thank the nursing staff. This year it was on my birthday!!
A reason to wear makeup and fix my hair???? Yes please!!!
Some of my favorite people actually had off work, which hardly ever happens without extensive planning, so we all got dolled up for a free night of gambling. 
Patrick made me take this picture when I came downstairs. "Yes, I know this is a 'Nana' thing to do, but  I have to take a picture of how good you look." 
I suppose Bobby was entertaining the group. 
Our unedited selves. I'm super upset that my camera corrupted a couple of great pictures (one of which was the preceding and better picture with everyone composed and ready).....this has never happened.......
Our boys look good all spiffed up, huh? 
It's a rare occasion I can get them all looking at the camera while smiling at the same time, and then Jessica bombs the photo!!!
I've never been able to really enjoy gambling, since I'm terrible at it, and the only kind of luck I have is mostly the unfortunate kind......but we each got $4000 of chips for free......and playing with someone else's money is a "chip" of a different color!
Of course, I was still stingy with my chips, scared to gamble them all away, and I kept getting in trouble by the dealers for not putting my glass on a coaster, so I danced more than I black-jacked. 
Naturally, all the booty shaking and wobble line dancing made my pretty hose super saggy in the crotch, so I went to the bathroom to pull them up. Would it be completely predictable that I pulled on them too hard and ripped a huge hole in the thigh???? (When I say huge, I mean from my inseam down to the end of my dress and about 5 inches wide.) From then on, it was pertinent they not move. This was a work related event, after all.......
Note to self #1: Be gentle on your panty hose, or buy more resilient ones. 
Note to self #2: Unless getting paid to do otherwise, wear panties, just in case something bad happens to your hose and you have to take them off.....especially if you are going to be around people who see you in a professional environment!!
Our new home is in a very mixed part of town and it's unbelievable how many Mexican restaurants are within blocks from us, which kicked off a long conversation about tacos, which got me singing the South Park Hennifer Lopez taco song, which got hungry Courtney flustered. 
"Why does everyone keep talking about tacos?!? I haven't eaten yet!"
This is why it was hilarious when Patrick walked into the hotel and immediately said, "It smells like tacos in here!" 
We all know to never believe Patrick
But coincidentally, there was actually a buffet of tacos!!! Sometimes craving wishes do come true!
At the end of the evening we cashed our chips into tickets, and then picked which bags we wanted to drop our tickets into for a chance to win some pretty cool prizes. I put all of my mine in a single bag and sprinkled them over the surface area (it's all about strategy)........and won nothing. Jennifer put ONE ticket in a bag and won a Cannon camera with a tripod, memory stick, and camera case!!!......That lucky bitch.
Note to self #3: Next time create a diversion, then dump everyone else's tickets into some other bag before dropping mine in. 
We took a record amount of group pictures. 
And Zack got to join us after he got off work!!!.....which called for another group picture.....
But one of the coolest and cheesiest things about the night is the photographer/button maker they hired!! We couldn't resist..........
Another favorite part of my night was Patrick playing the guitar and singing an improv song to Bobby, referring back to the weekend we moved, "Now you're just some Bobby that lost my dog" instead of Gotye's famous words, "Now you're just somebody that I used to know". 
To top it all off, some amazing friends gifted me with the most delicious vodka that has ever met my lips. Ever. Seriously y'all. Ever. 
Cake + Vodka = Pure Amazingness.
Have you ever eaten a bowl of fruit loops and thought to yourself, "I wonder what this would taste like liquefied and fermented?" Look no further.
And on that note, I was pretty sluggish the next day. No sudden movements or excessively bright lights were allowed.
Note to self #4: Drink less liquor and more water.....or maybe just eat real cake. I don't ever hear about cake binges giving people hangovers.

Ever ripped your hose/leggings in public?
Does anyone ever read the questions I ask, because no one ever answers them???


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