Wednesday, October 24, 2012


If you've ever met our oldest yorkie, Callie, then you probably know she's not a fan of hectic situations. Needless to say, it's been overly unorganized lately, and it's flared up more anxiety than a thunder jacket can muffle. So in order to decrease her (and our own) worries for adverse events occuring during moving weekend, we had all the animals stay at the Jessica and Bobby Hotel for the weekend.
Everyone knows Sumo is our adventurous one, so when we received a phone call from a stranger on Saturday saying she had our dog in her possession, we went into shock. "You only have one dog?" was our first question. 
Patrick was immediately pacing the floors and we started blowing up Jess and Bobby's phones until we knew Sumo was safe. 
As it turns out, Callie was the only one outside, and somehow squeezed under the fence, made it down to the main street in Little Elm, and didn't get run over. I think there was just too much change at one time and she freaked. Luckily an honest person found her and saved her life for us. (It's times like this, and several other occasions as well, that having a florist for a mother-in-law comes in handy.)
After too much drama for one weekend, Jess and I went for a run to try out a new trail and de-stress. It was nice, once our lungs figured out how to breathe through air you could cut with a knife and serve for a meal.......and I finally got past the elephant that's been camping on my back for the last few months. 
We passed the cutest duck crossing that made us both smile through the pain. I don't know why there are feathers everywhere, I swear we didn't touch those ducks!! And on the last stretch back, it sprinkled on us, which I'd like the think was God's way of saying, "Here ya go, a nice little reward for working so hard." 
Speaking of running.......
I'm the kind of girl that would do almost anything to meet my goals. If I say I'm going to do something, you don't have to worry about whether I'll follow through or not. The only kind of flakes I can tolerate are snow flakes. I don't even care too much for Corn Flakes. Not scalp flakes, and definitely not flaky people.
With that being said, as much as it killed me to do so, I had to make a very grown-up decision and drop out of our San Antonio trip. A "Did Not Finish" title for my second half marathon. With everything that's happened in the last few months, as nice as it would be to get away, it's just not a good time. 
But at least I still have my running buddies, human and canine, to keep me company until the next opportunity. 

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