Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Gotta Get Ya Some

It's flu shot season. 

Me: Walking out of the office rubbing my arm and grimacing. Ouch, that was stingy. 
Cristina: What?? Oh no!!
Me: You'd rather me not warn you?
Cristina: YES!!
Me: Oops. Sorry. 
Cristina: Walks into office. Walks back out of office grimacing. That was stingy! It's never felt like that before!
Me: That's what I was thinking!
Cristina: Now our arms are going to be sore. 
Me: It must have been super potent, so we for sure wont get sick this year. 
Cristina: Or we will get sick. Immediately. 
Me: True. 
Cristina: Or our arms may fall off. 
Me: Or we could wake up tomorrow with left armed paralysis. 
Cristina: I got mine in my right arm!
Me: Well that was just stupid. Now you wont be able to use your dominant arm anymore!! How are you going to function without it?!?!?!?!?
Cristina: Shoot.
Me: Where's my car? Dang it! I didn't park on the 2nd level; I parked on the 3rd! To the elevators!
Cristina: I knew it! Pushes the down button on the elevator.
Me: No, silly! We need to go up!! See, it's already spreading to our brains!!
Cristina: Oh no!
And now you know what nurses talk about. We will do anything to not go to the doctor, but imagine the most ridiculous worst case diagnosis' for ourselves in the mean time. 
But really, it's flu shot season, so go out and get protected. 
And just to warn you, it's especially stingy this year. 
Just in case you were worried, my arm still functions today. How could it not with amazing weather like this?? It's much too frisky to play dead! 
Happy Halloween Month!!! It's officially one of my favorite time of year!

Do you get vaccinated annually? Why or why not?


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