Monday, October 8, 2012

Just a bit of Ball Tossing

After the Team Amy party, we had plans to bowl.
I've never heard of anyone having a bad time while bowling.....unless they're the type of person who takes themselves entirely too seriously and can't laugh at their mistakes. But I don't hang out with those kind of people.
The Main Event was super awesome; it smells like the mall and is a combination of an arcade (like Dave & Busters) and bowling alley. For some reason, I always thought it was a movie theater.
Don't let Jessica fool you, she's just  fake pouting about her horrible bowl.
Look at Patrick's form!!! Notice how Ryan is in almost every picture but never actually throwing a ball....does that make him incredible fast or slow?
I love my work gals! And I love it when we can actually get together!!
This Alley had super cool technology that told you how fast your ball was rolling down the lane. Mine were averaging about 16mph. Ale had record slow balls; she really takes her time with things. I call her Pokey.....but I would never race her on foot. Never.
Abby, showing off for the camera.
Here we are again......Starting rumors.
Believe it or not, I actually broke 100 in 1 of the 3 games!! I was winning the entire game, until The Dark Horse Bobby beat me on the last roll, 115 to 111.
Aren't they cute?
I guess these two are pretty cute, too.
And us....well, we are what we are......goofy.
Should have known those boys were up to no good.
Us girls really know how to train them, huh? If you have a man who needs training, just send them to Plano and we'll take care of it.
With a nightcap of Patrick singing to Jessica for her birthday, the evening was an official success.

What's your best bowling score??? Do you regularly break 100?


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