Monday, October 22, 2012

Home Sweet Home

It took us a couple of weeks, but with the help of my family getting all of our belongings from point A to point B, we are completely moved into the new neighborhood. I don't rest well when there's decorating to be done, so we have been working like army ants to get everything finished. 
Most of our things have a long history or sentimental meaning, and I tried to display them in a way to create a functional and homy, yet vintage-eclectic-primitive-chic-look. I've had some requests to see pictures of what I've been doing, so here are some tid bits......
My velvet green chair from an Austin resale shop fits in just perfect. 
Patrick got me this chandelier a few years ago for Christmas and I love love love it. 
I created a corner collage of different romantic times in our lives with frames I've collected over the years, to draw the eye from living room to dining room. 
I picked up this ladder from the side of the road last year....had it hanging out the side of my car with the doors open just to get it home. Patrick wasn't happy with me for "brining junk home" at the time, but I think it looks great now!!.....And I hand crafted that burlap rose bouquet you see in my prized procession from an Anthropology clearance sale.

My Nana crocheted that super retro blanket years ago, and my $4 steel of a mirror fit into that old window frame my mom found like it was made for it! Ant that pillow.....I spotted it on Biggest Loser a couple of years ago, AFTER I already had mine. 

Ahhh, my other super cool velvet resale, in pink.....
My dad collects crocks and spared me those two one year for christmas, and his father brought that lamp home from an antique shop, to my nana, years and years ago. Our friends Krystal and Justin got us that cashmere blanket from Pottery Barn for our wedding gift and it's always been one of my favorites!
I painted that stand turquoise about 3 years ago and haven't been able to use it since. Patrick has tried to make me get rid of it every time we've moved, and I'm so glad I didn't since it functions perfectly as my barista bar!
I love my old windows, but didn't have a place for all of them in our new place, so I made one into a bright accent piece by backing it with this gorgeous material I found. It brightens up the dining room wall in a super cool way. 
All my "junk" came together to give the kitchen some pizzaz with a interesting combo of dingy and bright colors. 
We've never had stairs before! 
I talked Patrick into buying this coffee table in it's hideous form when we lived in California. It was practically nothing at a thrift store called, Out of the Closet (proceeds help pay for AIDS treatment), and after I gave it a makeover, it's been a conversation piece time and time again. Oh, and he loves it now. That dried grape vine we also got during our adventures in Cali, and I'm so happy I have a place to put our out wedding album now.

Speaking of happy, Lucie seems to be! She is crazy picky about where we live and has been very social at our new place. 
If you can look past the jungle that is our yard right now, you can see how sweet Callie and Sumo are, laying together on the little door slab. 
Not only did Patrick almost break my foot this weekend when he dropped his gigantic sized drill on it (I think it's majorly bruised), his heel is badly bruised from chasing the escapee, Sumo Wrestler, down the road in flip flops at full speed the other day.
We were all so zonked (and broken) by Sunday, everyone was ready to prop their feet up and take a nap. 
All that, and do you believe the biggest challenge was finding a place to fit the trashcan?

What's your most favorite thing in your house?

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