Thursday, October 4, 2012

Team Amy

Team Amy's about this strong lady I know,
Who started this quest around a year ago.
With kids still to raise, and a job on the line,
She set forth in battle, to gain precious time.
A life changing surgery, some real potent meds;
A few treatments later, lost the hairs on her head.
Pink's not just a color or the name of a girl.
It represents her fight, a chance for much more.
Surviving breast cancer, a true story now told,
With big smiles and a pixie, so fresh and so bold.  
Lets toast to the girl who wears a pink cape,
For she is a hero, in her own big way.
Real men wear pink.
I found on out this day, Patrick ruined his pink shirt in the wash, but didn't tell me until the last minute because he was scared I'd get mad. So he got to wear one of my pink flower doo dads instead.
Fun fact #1: Our hospital is using pink gloves this month in recognition of Amy and all breast cancer survivors.
Fun Fact #2: Uptown Cheapskates, a new clothing resale shop in Frisco, gives you the option of  "going green" by not putting your purchases in a bag. If you chose that option, you get a token to put in the charity box of your choice, one being the Susan G Komen for the Cure Fund.

Texans always celebrate with food.

A chunk of our NICU team.

We are proud of you, Amy! You represent the essence of courage.


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