Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Perfectly Together

Thanks to my super cool Instagram editing App's, I think some people thought these flowers weren't real.
But I assure you they were very real, and absolutely gorgeous. The most beautiful I've ever received. If I were this arrangement, I'd be very vain. I stared at this arrangement as much as Justin Bieber used to toss his head to the side when his hair was longer and sweepy.
And with a Carrabba's redemption meal, the last bottle of champagne from our wedding, two t.v. dinner trays and a movie on the blue ray, our anniversary night was the exact kind of romantic I needed.  
Patrick seems to think he needed to do more. More than what?
More than make me smile every day with the best hugs and kisses? Nom Nom Nom Nom.
More than texting to tell me not to do the dishes or the laundry because "he'll do them when he gets home"? This is getting a bit pornographic.
More than knowing exactly what to surprise me with for dinner and exactly what I would order? Oh geez,  I'm getting hot.

More than making me this amazing card? Ceativity, improvision and thrifty is the new sexy, right?
More than be my everything? Okay, you get the point; I'll stop.
That's a tall order. And an unnecessary one, because I already feel like this:

On our anniversary, we were together. And it was perfect.

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