Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Rare Hare

I didn't organize my time management very well last week; all I could think about is finishing up everything I wanted to do around our new place. So when I got home on Friday evening and realized I forgot to finish sewing my costume, Patrick was confused. 
"What time does it start??? When are we getting there? We are going to be late!!"
Then he realized comments like that might make me flustered, "Oh, no...it...doesn't....matter......Whenever we get there is when we get there...."
We might have been the last ones to get there, but we were red carpet ready!!! Besides, it takes time to look this smokin'......I had to fix mine and Pat's hair!!! 
Have I ever mentioned how much I love to celebrate Halloween?? It's just so fun to have a reason to exercise one's imagination and get all dressed up as someone else! I also enjoy seeing other people's creativity in action.
Above, we have a sexy chef and her spice rack!  
There was a lot less drama this year since the Rangers weren't playing, and I told Jess and Bobby there was no way they could come as Rangers again. As soon as I found out they were going to be Lucy and Ricky Ricardo, I had Bobby doing his, "Lucy, I'm home!" impression, every time I've seen him over the last month!!! I'm sure his glad it's all over now. 
This year Patrick and I went as Hugh Hefner and his playmate. My man looks good for an 86 years old, no??
I didn't want to be just any generic playmate, I wanted to be a rare hare.......so I went old school Marylin Monroe style (with a little more meat on my bones than the typical modern bunny), and brunette (since those seem to be few and far between). 
Apparently Missy is my booty sister......
Our milkshakes brought 3 boys to the yard.....it's just coincidence that we already live with those same boys.
It's fun to see what kind of action poses people can muster with a little encouragement. 
Looks like our detective lost his mustache, but snatched his convict. 
And the chef got too hungry to wait for her food to cook. 
I'll forgive these two for not doing anything creative, since I had to take their picture 4 times to get a good one!
Carol Anne, our lovely host, must have practiced that pose a few times, because she's got it down!!
This girl scares me. (It took her 2 hours to do her make-up, and it looked even better in real life!!! I know because I asked.)
Those crazy girls.....
I made poisonous apples, which turned out to be quite the hit; that entire container was full!!!
1. Slice Gala and Granny Smith Apples
2. Soak for a few hours in Caramel Apple Liquor (they would be even better you added a bit of Everclear, also)
3. Devour
If you ever want to wear an outfit and think a jacket might cramp your style, just wear a wig. It's guaranteed to insulate your entire body to a steady temperature of about 100-110F. 
It's easy to see when things started getting silly. 
But silly is just the chocolate filling that everyone looks forward to at the bottom of their ice-cream drumstick. 
I'm not sure why, but all of our get-togethers always end up in the kitchen. Dancing. 
I hope the host doesn't mind that I had my butt on her counter half of the night.  I'm a wimp in heels. 
On the way home Patrick whined, "I wanna go to another Halloween party!!"
But I guess since we weren't invited to any more we'll just have to wait until next year.
Oh, what a fun one this was.
I promise I'm not about to punch Jessica in the back of the head; I just get so fired up dancing on the kitchen counter!
I hope everyone has a freight-tabulous and safe Halloween!

How will/did you celebrate?


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