Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fright Night

     Last Saturday could have easily been a nightmare. There were some scary elements to overcome, but in the end, I deemed it a celebration, which all falls into an appropriate category for such an occasion: early Halloween!
It's a good thing this picture was over the toilet, because when I saw it from the side, I almost peed my pants!
     I awoke from my short sleep, (I had worked the night before) to find Frankenstien Patrick in one hell of a mood. The Baylor Bears were getting cloubered. Anyone who knows my hunk is aware of the mood risk when sports come into play. It's serious. We got dressed in a frenzy to attend our youngest niece's gymnastics meet in Bedford. Have you ever been to Bedford? Don't. It's a clustered construction crazed catastrophe, so we were late. We proudly watched Emily rock her events she had left by the time we arrived, and then headed back home to get into costume.

Our little gymnast!

     As we expeditiously prepared ourselves for the day's next adventure Patrick asked me a stupid question while I was doing his hair and makeup.

Patrick: Will there be a T.V. at the party we are going to?

Me: Hunny. Are you serious? Be serious. We are going over someone's HOUSE. Stop being so silly paranoid all the time.

Patrick: Well, I'm just saying, I HAVE to watch the game. If the Rangers win tonight, they go to the World Series. Do you know how important this is? I've been alive for almost 37 years, and they've only made it to the play-off's 5 times in 50 years, and to the World Series once ever. TWICE, if they make it this year. That will be 2 times in 2 years! That would make my heart feel happy. If I can't watch the game there, we have to leave.
When Patrick and I was separated, some girl stopped me to say, "Hey, you kinda look like that girl from Beetlejuice!"
"Small bites Cafe, where the Buns are bigger" and "Dr. Lickersnatch"

     I tried not to roll my eyes, dismissed the last comment, and moved on. How could he actually think someone didn't have a t.v. at their house? What a useless waste of brian power to worry about such a thing. When we arrived to the party, we walked through the down stairs and I caught Patrick's eyes darting from corner to corner, wall to wall, and then starting to show panic. The decorations were good. Very good, but not scary enough to cauase paniced eyes.
Hey Avatar......keep it PG 13!!!
There was a slight pest problem!

Patrick: I can't believe it. Actually I KNEW it. This sucks. There isn't a single t.v. here. (He mumbled under his breath.)

Me: Stop acting so crazy. There should obviously be a reasonable explanation. (While holding back my fear that he is about to explode and embarrass me infront of everyone I work with.) Hey Carol Ann, where is your T.V., can we turn the game on for Patrick?

Some Random Person I don't know: What? He doesn't have a phone he can get updates on?

Me: (Holy Mary Mother of. . . . . . . . crap! That strange random person I don't know shouldn't have said that. He doesn't know my husband. He doesn't know that sports is his only vice. He has no idea how serious this situation is!)

     I looked at Patrick's face and he sent me very desperate and frightening telepathic waveform-thoughts.

Patrick: (Get me out of here! If I have ever wanted to tackle and murder someone for saying something unprounce-ably stupid, now would me that moment. I can't believe my wife, the person who should know me better than anyone, brought me to a party with no T.V. ) I knew it.
My favorite Rangers!

     Thank God for small favors, miracles, and happy endings. After my second inquiry, Carol Ann brought Beetlejuice upstairs to their only T.V. with cable, which happened to be a huge projector screen wall in a entire room dedicated to being the Theater Room with leather reclining seats and a popcorn machine! Whew, that was a close one! Many men shortly followed, and all was more than glorious when the Rangers won!
Some of my awesome co-workers!
Boys enjoying the game in the theater room.
Things started getting just......plain.....silly......

     We ate poisonous apples, sipped margaritas, did plenty of dancing, and got adequate entertainment from the little grimlins. I got pooped on by a flying squirrel (cross my heart, hope to die, stick a needle in my eye) and Patrick's mood finally turned around for the day!
     Everyone's costume was so good. I work with some creative minds!
     Too bad the Cowboys had to ruin things on Sunday!

How do you like to celebrate Halloween? Are you going to watch the World Series?


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