Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Thank you, Thank you

     Thank you, thank you. . . I. . . . .I. . . . . .ugh . . . . . .um. . . . . . am so unprepared to receive this award. I mean. . . . . .I didn't even have anything written down *cough, pulls a crumpled piece of paper from my pocket*. I give props to all the insane people that surround me every day, and would like to recognize the bad luck fairy that graces her presence upon me almost weekly, provoking and inspiring such grounded words to appear on my blog. I just couldn't do it without my animals. . . . . .and umm. . . . . .Camera, you are a delight to work with. To my freshman year English Comp teacher in College who tried to convince me to persue creative writing, thanks for the "A". . . . . . . And let's not forget my parents for doin' the dirty to make my life possible. . . . .  . You two are rockstars! *hurry up and get off your soap box music starting to play*. . . . . .And last but not least, I'd like to send my im-measurable love to my husband, who supports all my bad habits!  And my fans.  . . . . . I could never forget you. I love you all!

Not to be dramatic or anything, but I just received my first blogger award. 

My girl Heather, who writes Just a Colorado Gal, thinks I'm awesome. I think she's pretty awesome too, since I'm a devoted fan of her blog, and she let me sleep in her bed for a weekend. 

Apparently this award comes with 3 strings attached, so I'll do the best I can to follow the rules. But as a fore-warning, I LOVE to break the rules.

#1 You must thank the giver, and provide a link to their post. 

#2 You must state 7 random facts about oneself.

  • My second toe is much longer than my great toe, and my third is pretty close to the edge. That means I'm the boss. 
  • I've lived in 12 homes, 7 cities, and 2 states in the last 26 years of my life. I didn't start moving until I was 18, you do the math.
  • I am a sucker for animals. I think I can hear their thoughts. Watch out Cesar.
  • I love to veg-out and watch movies just as much as I enjoy the great outdoors, especially if it involves cuddling with my hunny and my animals.
  • I have the most awesome husband in the whole wide world. Sorry girls; he's taken.
  • I've never had braces and don't have to wear glasses, which would make me a super being, except I have 90 year old knees, and have broken 4 bones in my life, and possibly a 5th when I was drinking and driving my bike (a WHOLE other story), AND chipped my front tooth on a fork once when I was on a diet because I was so hungry. 
  • I've been on national television see here, and when I met my husband, my opening line was, "Hey, weren't you on a commercial?" to which he replied, "Yeah, I'm pretty much a local celebrity." (He actually was on a local work truck renovation business commercial. Total nerd.)

#3 You must award 15 other newly discovered blogs the same award. (Yeah, yeah, so FIFTEEN other bloggers got this exact same award, but I was mentioned FIRST on the list, so that makes me the best! Right?)

  • Top Hats and Tutus These are girls I know starting a party planning business. They are so crafty and creative! 
  • Flourish in Progress This girl cracks me up. She's vulgur, pretty, AND funny!
  • Steam Me Up Kid If you get this humor, then you will be laughing as much as me. It's good for your hormones! I wished she posted more often, but when she does, it's slap yo momma good!
  • You Seriously Made That A funny and crafty girl I just discovered.
  • Hungry Runner Girl A silly girl that loves to over-exaggerate almost as much as she loves food, and is such an upbeat person who loves to run!
  • Ks and Crowns A girl I went to school with that is blogging her adventure of decorating while crafting. 
  • The Buzbee Family My childhood best friend's wife. She blogs the progress of their little family. 
  • Girl-in-the-pink If you ever want inspiration for a new recipe or workout, this could be the place. She strives to live better. 
Okay, so turns out I don't read that many blogs, but what I lack in quantity, I make up for my stalker abilities! And, I told you I like to break the rules. I try not to lie very often.


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