Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Baby "Tales".....

     I've always loved this song. I thought a Lullaby would deem appropriate to discuss the dream I had last night. I'm not sure if it was because I watched Parenthood before bed, and a baby was born on the show, or if it's because of my new role at work catching babies . . . . . . But I had the strangest of dreams. I've mentioned before how my dreams can be a little vivid and run ramped.
     There I was, submerged in REM sleep, stealing every inch of the covers from my husband, drifting into the land of dreams, and suddenly I was 9 months pregnant. I started going into labor, and somehow found myself in a hospital with nurses telling me I wasn't progressing and had to be prepped for a C-section. "Ugh, no way, I don't want my belly cut open!!!" I yelled at them. "Sorry, it's the only way," they replied. "Fine, but I'll have people watching, and you better take it easy on me. No ripping, or being rough. I know how you Doctors are; I've seen it in real life!" I counteracted. I laid in bed waiting, but it never happened. They were busy, I was told. So I started pacing the floors, in hopes I could just push the baby out on my own, without the blades of those stupid doctors.
     Flash forward: A doctor was performing a sonogram on my belly and showed me a 3-D picture of it's face. He said, "The baby isn't ready to come out yet, so we'll just send you home, but until then, I can just reach in and show you the baby." {This reminds me of when I was a young girl, losing my teeth, and when I had a tooth hanging on my it's last root, but was too scared to let anyone pull it out, my Father would convince me to let him "Wiggle it", and before I knew what had happened, he would yank it out! Betrayal.......I thought.} Before I had time to reason with him, he reached into my belly, grabbed the baby, and pulled it out. There was no nurse around to catch (they were all extremely busy), so I had to towel dry and assess the infant on my own. Always a nurse. Upon assessment, I notice the baby had a tail; an extension of it's spinal cord. The Doctor said as he was walking out the door, "Baby looks good! Congrats!" I asked about the tail and was told, "It should be fine!" Then I said, "But you don't think it could represent some neurological problem?" Then he responded, "Well probably, but I didn't think you would care."
     Before I woke myself up from what had transformed from dream to nightmare, I just remember deciding that I would love it anyway.
Apparently this really happens; read this article!

     Why the heck was I doing all that alone? Have you had any crazy dreams lately that you remember?

 "Everything's gonna be alright.....rockabye.......rockabye......"

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