Thursday, October 6, 2011

Disoriented Fashion

     Disoriented fashion? ME? Nope. I'm always dressed in an appropriate, yet trendy fashion. Hopefully you didn't fall for that. My brain, on the other hand, could be a different story.
     So, please excuse me if I type this in a disoriented fashion, but I have a good reason. My cranium cells are currently being murdered breath by breath due to inhalation of extremely potent bath tub glue. It sounds random, but such is my life. A girl's gotta breathe.
     I'm back to working day shift again this week. Training in catching babies. It's oh so fun diddly dizzle. They're kicking me to the curb off orientation after this week to start my new title as a hard core delivery nurse. I am awesome and autonomous. I know.
     What's not awesome? I went to Best Buy this week to pick up our other two fried computers, and got an update on the drowned Mac. They said, "The parts are being ordered." I said with a heavy hint of sarcasm, "Great! So now I'm going to have a brand spanking new REFURBISHED computer that I paid a mere $2,000 for. Chump Change." They said, "No Ma'am. A FIXED computer." Panda Jerks. If I could ever teach you anything in life it would be this: Panda Express good. Panda Jerks bad.
     I hope you can survive without my constant life-feedback for at least one more week. I can't upload pictures! Such a pity. What's a pictorial journal without the PIC's?!?! Oh ya, just silly words that I hope someone thinks is worth reading.
     Our sweet friend Boswell came to visit us last night. We took him to a nice seafood dinner (haha, Anchorman. . . . .{I'll take your mother on a nice seafood dinner. AND NEVER CALL HER AGAIN!} But really, we had seafood), and he took us for Fro Yo. It was his first time to ever have self-serve frozen yogurt!!! Vermont is so pretty, but weird. (I still love you, people of Vermont.) Then we all layed on the new leather sectional reclining sofa together and had some baseball and Family Guy time and joked about Terry. I stayed up until midnight and opened my eyes to the stupid annoying alarm clock and crawled out to the world at 6am for work. Wowzers, I may be getting cranky! Anyone who knows me, knows I need at least 9-12 hours of beauty rest a night . . . . . or day . . . .depending on what shift I'm working. It was worth it though. He left with the dark of night this morning and we miss him already.
     Did you know looking for a rent house is just as stressful and almost as time consuming as looking for a house to purchase? It is. It really, really is. I actually have pity for all the hoops I've put this poor realtor through. Hopefully we will find out soon if we have a place to live next month. I'd hate to have to move in with one of you.
     I figure sinced I b*tched so much all summer, I should mention the weather has been oh so nice. High 80's during the day, 60's at night. SSSSAAAAAYYYYY WWWWHHHHHAAATTTT? That's Californication weather! That means I've been spending way more time at the dog park, on the hiking trails, riding my bike, and rolling in the Corola with the windows down.

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