Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Urge for Naughty

Stole this from a Facebook Friend

     Do you ever just get the urge to do something naughty? I feel like lately I've been on my best behavior, the best way I know how. I haven't done anything particularly against the rules in what feels like a very long time. Despite all my good behavior, I started getting sickly today. So much for karma. My teeth and head ache, I'm losing my voice in light of only speaking for a total of 10 minutes collectively this entire day (unbelievable right?), and my nose is runny. I'm taking all the prophylactic precuations, but have yet to see any miracle results. This is probably the reason that while driving home from Wal-Mart today, I felt the sudden desperation to break the mold. I had the need for speed. I was urgently yearning to put the pedal to the medal and zip down the partially residential road at nothing less than 90 mph. I was sure it would put a smile on my face and make me feel better. But, I'd suppose you'd be happy to hear, I thought a reckless driving ticket, and fee that would accompany it, would cause some major frown induced wrinkles. So I withheld pursuing my temptation. What I did do was leave an entire kitchen full of dishes sitting on the counter all day in rebellion, with an excuse of "resting" so my body could have the strength to fight these beastly germs. 
"Well. The entire world's off to ruins, and poor Cheshire's off his tea."
"This is a place, like no place on Earth. A land full of wonder, mystery, and danger. Some say, to survive it: you must be as mad as a Hatter."
     I stayed up late last night to create our Halloween Costumes for this weekend. I love Halloween. It kicks off the season of eating candy, getting dressed up, turning a year older in my case, devouring homemade southern comfort food, wearing scarfs, sweaters, and knit hats, getting to spend time with family members you don't have time to see, giving and receiving gifts, singing cheery music, and drinking champaign all night while anticipating your midnight kiss. Last year, I recreated Alice in Wonderland (which as you can see above, I did hair, makeup, and costumes for: Cheshire Cat, White Rabbit, and Mad Hatter) And since I love Tim Burton's films so much, and will always have a special place in my heart for Beetlejuice, I decided to bring the spirit of both to our neck of the woods this year, and hit up the local Goodwill to see if I could find anything cheap for wardrobe bones. At a Halloween store, an single adult costume-in-a-bag would cost no less than $50 for a one-size-fits-all (and we know it doesn't), slinky, cheaply made and un-imaginable piece of junk that looks terrible on anyone less of a super model. I spent $33 for both of our costumes combined, plus about 3.5 hours of my sweat-shop laborers time (I put Callie and Sumo to work). 
Lydia- Ugly maroon dress I purchased for $4 + 10 yards of red tulle I got onsale at Hobby Lobby for $0.77/yard + $1 clear veil hair clip + $1 red ribbon, so I could sew the red tulle onto it for the veil and tulle skirt.
Beetlejuice- $11 black suit + $9 white duct tape for stripes (I had to buy 2 rolls of tape since my man is so tall; this picture is before I finished.) 

     In other breaking news, if you don't follow every God-sent special word I write on facebook, here's something special I accomplished this week:

                  Kayla Evans-Carruth
Just set a new record for myself. Burped, sneezed, and farted simultaneously. Awesome.

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