Thursday, October 27, 2011

If Frogs Could Dance

     In my first semester of Nursing School one of our instructors said something that would stick with me forever. "After this, you will never look at things the same. Once you're a nurse, you will always be an assessor of your environment. You will notice things that you never would have noticed before." It's true. I look at the pieces of people, put them back together, then try to figure out why and how they are the way they are. Physically and mentally. Maybe that's why I LOVE people watching. I miss the fantastic people watching in Hollywood. We never had to leave the comfort of our couch, peering out the living room window for a good show.
     It may not be as crazy here as it was in Los Angeles, but if you look closely, the hilarious-ness is around you. Here are a couple of things I've witnessed in real life this week:
 Is it just me, or does it seriously look like this dog is taking the Jeep out for a joy ride? Thank goodness my camera was in reach while I was pumping my gas! I was just crossing my fingers the owner didn't come out while I was poparazzi-ing.
 Everything about this is freaking hilarious. The seriousness of the frog faces. The orchestrating frog. The cowboy boots. The ass grabbing. Oh, and let's not forget the fact that it's frogs. Period. The people in the house were probably thinking it was funny that I had the audacity to stop on the shoulder of the highway and walk up to their yard for a fake frog photo-shoot. This is the only thing interesting about the I-35 drive to Waco. Look for it across from Carl's Corner if you ever drive that way!
I'm jealous they get to dance all day everyday. I love to dance. 
     Do awkward moments make you giggle? I had to laugh the other day when I was leaving Starbucks and a woman said hello to me. After looking her over, I didn't see anything recognizable about the lady, so I proceeded to get in my car. She made it a point to stop talking to someone else, walk over to me and say hello again. It was only after the moment of no return that she realized I was indeed, not Sue, but a mere stranger. She was so embarrassed, but I thought it was really funny.
     Patrick got bitched slapped by a tree limb this weekend. Sounds impossible, but you see, what had happened was . . . . . . .there was this tiny barking dog that we were starring and laughing at, and my hunny is a tall guy. He failed to watch where he was going and the next moment he was slapped in the face by a limb and his glasses were on the sidewalk! I laughed so hard I almost expelled my nachos. He had to stand there for a few minutes to compose himself. Good thing only the barking dog, the barking dog's owner, the barking dog's owner's friend, and myself witnessed the embarrassing occasion!

     Do you pay enough attention to the things around you to notice the humor? What's the funniest thing you've seen lately?

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