Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Glass Soup

     I was suppose to spend the weekend packing, but since I'm the princess of procrastination and the queen of leftovers, I managed to talk myself out of doing anything productive out of necessity and made a huge mess on the living room floor getting crafty instead, whilst devouring all the soup I made while I was sick. The wicked part about it all: if I would have packed like I should have, then there wouldn't have been a glass vase on top of the refrigerator, and therefore it wouldn't have fallen from the frig to disperse shards of glass not only all over the kitchen counter, in the cracks of the oven, and on the kitchen/living floor, but also in the leftover chicken and dumplings. Of course, it couldn't have happened to the saltiest soup ever made in the history of mankind (oops), the chili ranch soup, because nothing destructive ever happens to the crapy things in life. So I did what any self-respecting-chicken-and-dumpling-lover would do. I picked out the glass, and put it back in the frig! I wouldn't lie to you; that's how good my Cick-N-D's are.
Go Rangers!
     Callie's officially terrified for the week, with the breaking glass and the intense Patrick. She wouldn't even let him take her on a walk Sunday night. She'll never understand his profoundly passionate love for sports.
When Sumo wasn't helping, he was looking out the window; one of his favorite pass times.
     My love is expressing my artistic ability. I spent hours teaching myself to make flowers from burlap fabric. I maybe could have knocked at least a solid hour off my finish time if I didn't have two "little helpers" constantly sneaking off with all my supplies in their mouths! I think I may have pulled a burlap-string-attacthed-dingleberry off Sumo's hinny yesterday. My finished products turned out spectacular.
My burlap bouquet. Three different flower techniques. Three different burlap colors. Three different dog toys in the background.
The original lamp shade
Each side of the lamp shade as a finished product. Lots of flower experimentation went on here!
     In between the sports watching, the mingling, the eating, and the crafting, we also found a little time to cuddle for a movie, spiked coffee, and hot chia tea in my case. We watched The Kings Speech. Very good movie. Superb acting.
I love my boys!
I discovered this Chia Tea liquid mix at the grocery store and it is the bomb-diggity!
Done anything fun lately? Do you like to craft; if so what do you craft?? Have you watched any good movies I need to know about?

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