Monday, October 31, 2011

I'm Not Crazy!!!....Or Maybe I Am........

     Literally MONTHS ago (about 3), I ordered a foam roller. I didn't want to rely on a trip to the gym for that extra good stretch that could only be provided by a huge circular wad of plastic digging into my back and legs. I started to second guess myself on ever ordering the dang thing, since every time I went to the office for a package pick-up it was never there. I searched for my emailed reciept, and could never find it, so I just diagnosed myself as "crazy" and moved on.  It's journey to me must have been a tough one, becuase the box it came it looked like it had made it through World War I and II, the Korean War, and maybe even Civil War. But the wait is over (thank goodness I'm not crazy); my beautiful pink foam roller has made it home, safe and sound, to be embraced in it's loving new owner's arms (and in good timing since we are moving)!
(FYI: That's not my last name; all of our boxes are stolen and borrowed. Just kidding about the stolen part!. . . . . . . .or am I?)
     Did you know boxes are good camera props (as long as you ignore the fat that the box it was sitting on completely hogged the flash, and it wasn't exactly a perfect flat surface, but who am I to be a snob to improvision)? Anywho, after the move, I now I have the equipment I need for my next bit of news I'm going to share (minus a knee replacement):

     I never thought I'd be the type of person to do this sort of thing, but in a moment of weakness (or strength depending on how you look at it) it happened. I registered for my very first half marathon! I officially have 5 months to prepare myself, as it will take place in the rolling plains of Hill Country near Austin, in March. I'm still not sure exactly how it happened, other than it was a vicous cylce. My girl friends at work talked me into it, and then I talked my Cousin A into it, who had previously made the comitment to me and herself to participate in some sort of race before her 21st birthday. Bet she didn't know I'd up her from a 5k to a Half Marathon!

     It's going to be awesome. But I foresee my experience being more like: Zooma- run. sweat. hibernate. {In highschool when I used to run Cross Country and Track, I'd get home from the event and literally hiberante the rest of the weekend. I think my mother was always worried that I was going to die.} It's actually a race organized for women. A girls trip. Massages, jewerly, and wine after the fact, if I can still walk while holding my eyes open, and marking one more thing off my bucket-list. Who knows, maybe I'll even enjoy it. For some time now, I've really been wanting to start training for a Triatholon, but until I can afford a road bike, my dreams are on the back-burner. I just can't bring myself to compete in something like that with a mountain bike. Not after Heather ruined me and let me feel the easy earned wind in my face for the first time on her roady.

If I run a marathon, will I look like this?!?!?! . . . . . . . . . Probably not: my steps will be WAAAAYYY smaller. And my butt will always be bigger!
     Any who, I'm going to start slow, building a good solid foundation for muscle strength and heart rate control. . . . . .and I'm going to get fitted for the perfect pair of running shoes to suit my old lady knees. I know there is a ton of different training schedules out there, which brings me to my next inqusition:

Does anyone have any suggestions for the best method of training? Any other advice you'd like to offer this first timer? Are you checking anything off your bucket-list soon?

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