Monday, October 24, 2011

Permanently Made-Over

When I was a little girl I wasn't much different than I am today.
One: I was a bit stubborn.
Two: I had a vivid imagination.
Three: If it seemed scary at the time, I know I'd think it was fun after I did it, so I didn't hesitate. This is probably why, despite my mother's many warnings not to walk on the back ledge of the couch, I did anyway. I vaguely remember pretending to be an acrobat and walking the tight rope. The only problem is, there was no net to catch me when I fell. And I did. Three days later my parents finally took me to the doctor, where it was discovered I had a broken arm that required a hard cast.
Four: I was one tough cookie.

I took a road trip to visit my Nana and Cousin Allison last week and got my first sock completed. (It only took me 5 months!) You can click here and here if you don't remember every single word or detail of when I first started.
The experience was a little different than any other tattooing adventure I'd ever had before, since I have been taking antibiotics, and therefore couldn't take a couple of preliminary shots to numb the senses. My starry night background only entailed shading, so I thought the lack of outlining would cut down dramatically on the amount of pain involved. That was until I found out about a little technique called "blood lining". Basically he outlined all my stars with water, to cut into my skin the way a real outline would (just without ink), so I would bleed enough to show where to start the shading process. Barbaric technique.
We were all very nervous about the results, but it all turned out awesome! A few days of swelling and bruising down, and the itching phase has really set in today!
I WILL NOT scratch, I WILL NOT scratch............
"Faith is the bird that trusts in the light through the darkest of nights."

     Five: I've always loved Mexican Food. Cousin A and I went to eat some fajitas at a little place in Temple after my inking event was over. It was such a strange dinner. You know it's authentic when your waitress can't even speak enough English to understand what you ordered and there's club music and disco lights with a D.J. yelling "ugh!" & "yeah!" every few minutes, in the adjacent room.

They had the audacity to insult our intelligence by warning us our fajitas were "caliente" when placed on our table. Really? So that's what steam and a sizzling sound means?

It's officially my Birthday week, so I kicked it off early having sopapilla's with my honey (not to be confused with "my Hunny")
Six: My mom always kept my hair short. I don't blame her really. I was a huge tom-boy and always in to everything. It was only a problem when everyone thought I was the boy, and my brother with the blue eyes and long blonde mullet-locks was the girl.

The very next day I went to my hair stylist for the first time in ages and had a little something-something done to my head. I was ready for a change. So, I showed him about 6 different pictures of completely contradicting hair styles and said, "Chopped it off!" I always have a case of naked-face-syndrome when I do that, but it grows on me after a few days.

Do you have any similarities between your current self and your childhood self? What's your favorite kind of food?

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