Friday, October 21, 2011

Turning Into Mother

    Have you ever put something in a place for safe keeping to only later realize it was so safe that you can't find where you put it?!?! Do you ever decide your life is majorly unorganized, spend an entire day re-organizaing everything, and the next week can't find a single thing? I remember my Father complaining about my Mother "hiding" things from him all the time. He used to get so angry about it. Uh, oh. I may have turned into my mother!
     I'm so good at putting things away, you'll never find them again. And as a result of the above mentioned reasons, when no one is coming over to see my house, I leave things laying around. Everywhere. For safe keeping, of course. I almost gave myself a genuine heart attack from this type of behavior last week.
     It started when I attended a baby shower before work. Upon my arrival to work, I didn't want to bring my purse in, so I consolidated the necessary items into my work bag. Two days later, when I brought my purse inside, I decided I'd take my camera out and make sure the battery was charged. (You never know when life calls for a full battery!) The problem arose when I reached in my purse to grab the camera and only got a handful of receipts and Chapstick instead. No too big of a deal, since I misplace things often. After looking twice, I decided the camera must have fallen out of my purse in the back seat of the car during transport, so I marched to the parking garage to retrieve it. No camera. My contemplative thoughts lead me to believe maybe I overlooked the camera hanging in it's usual place on the wall in the apartment, so I went back inside to discover I was wrong again. No camera. My thoughts started escalating from calm to grave, and I told myself that I must have left it at the baby shower restaurant and some nice person probably found it for me, and it was waiting on me to pick it up. "That's easy enough," I thought, "I only have to wait a few hours until they open to call and hear the news." 
Sometimes you feel like a nut......sometimes you don't.......Almond joy's got nuts.......Mounds don't!!!!!
     Many apartment and mind paces later, I decided that I couldn't just sit around and wait for my camera to appear. I must actively search. No giving up. No surrendering to hopelessness. So, I went back to the car one more time, crossing my fingers on the way, hoping that my dear Nikon s9100 would magically appear out of thin air in the Corolla and be waiting for my loving hand's embrace. I open the passenger door, looked over the sea of grey fabric for a medium sized black box to stand out. I felt in cracks, peered under the seats, examined the space between the sun visor and the ceiling liner. . . . . . . . .and just when I was about to turn around and shut the door. . . . . . . . . .  with my heart in the pit of my stomach. . . . . . . . . I thought of one more place to look. The console. 
     In hindsight, I decided I must have taken the camera out of my purse and put it in the console because in the case that my car was burglarized, the offender would just steal my hidden purse and never think to look in the console for important, expensive items. Duh.
     Ladies and Gents, do as I say, and not as I do: Don't hide things from yourself.  Be a slob instead.

Do you have a problem with misplacing or losing things, or are you a organized freak?

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