Friday, April 22, 2011

Sockless Socks

I think picture is beautiful

If done right, and by that I mean, purposefully, tastefully and by someone with talent, tattoos are sexy. Maybe not to everyone, but definitely are to me. They give an opportunity to represent a part of your personality or appreciation of art that clothing doesn’t offer, and everyone knows it takes bravery and tolerance to endure getting the mark. Some people may get caught up on the fact that they are permanent, but someone that knows what they want can go more than skin deep with a tat, representing a memory, an accomplishment in one's life, or symbolization of a time/object/person of true meaning to them they always want to be reminded of. The trick is to make sure you choose something that's timeless to yourself. Being in touch with that part of one’s self is sexy..........and by that I mean, being more than skin deep. I won't lie that there's also the "badass" attraction that draws me to them, but having the bravery to carry an inner-meaning outside your sleeve is the true reason I love tattoos.
     I've been soul searching what I'd like to represent about myself for the last couple of years. I've decided on "socks", which is the word Patrick and I have invented to describe sleeves for your feet! It's a bit scary, reminiscing back to the time I got my last foot tattoo and how I wondered if I'd ever regain feeling in my toes, but I think they will be amazing when finished. I've been waiting for warmer weather so I can keep them aired out in sandals, so now that it's warm, the time is fast approaching!


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