Sunday, April 24, 2011

It's MAJOR to be so Minor

   And a very happy Re-Brithday to you all. Jesus died and walked again on this day to show us that we are reborn in Him and there is life after death for our souls because he loved us so much. What a heavy purpose in His life on earth he had! Why is Easter considered a Minor Holiday? That sounds pretty Major to me!
    The Easter Bunny and his eggs tradition goes way way back in history as an attempt for Christians to convert non-Christian Pagans by celebrating their already known spring holiday and integrating the two holiday's together, as a way of teaching their religion and not getting killed! The Pagans believed a tale of a Saxon goddess that saved an almost frozen bird and turned him into a snow bunny so he could survive the winter and gave him the ability to lay eggs in all colors once a year for new life and to remember his previous life as a bird (she felt guilty for arriving late for spring and she was a fertility goddess, so it makes sense). After he later pissed the goddess off, she cast him away into the sky (he is now a constellation, the hare Lepus) and allowed him to only come back to earth once a year to share his eggs.
     There are many different versions of the Easter Bunny's history depending on the country and culture, but they all have something in common. The meaning behind the varying tales is to celebrate new life, and it's cycle. It deems an appropriate association since with Spring comes new life in plants and animals annually!

Dusty and Me...All grown up! He outgrew me
      My mom has a home video of Dusty and I hunting Easter eggs when we were very small. Since I have a two year advantage on him, it's not surprising that I took the reins (as I usually do) and used it to benefit myself, but what IS surprising is the way my mother handled it........or didn't handle it! Imagine Dusty toddling along, doing his best to coordinate standing, holding a basket and picking up eggs. Then picture me running around picking up as many eggs as I could, while also snatching the eggs out of his basket and placing them in mine, WHILE he's holding it! Of course he had too much to do to even really notice what was happening, but I can't believe the adult behind the video camera didn't tell me that stealing from my brother wasn't a noble or Christian thing to do. Although impressed with my cleverness as a young child, I am a bit disappointed in myself for the unethical actions.  A few years later Dusty and I had a pretty substantial coin collection and I convinced him that I was being generous by letting him have ALL the copper colored coins, and I being a good sister, would take the fewer silver colored ones. He just made it so easy! It's no wonder he ratted on me for every little thing once he was old enough know what I had up my sleeve.
     Okay, now I have confessed my sins! I hope everyone has a joyous Easter.

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