Thursday, April 21, 2011

Anyone know Hypnosis?

Yoga move on the beach after a day of hiking
in the Santa Monica Mountains
     I need a hypnotist, a brain washing practitioner, or some sort of psychiatrist to get this pre-workout negative feeling associativeness (made that word up) out of my head. It never fails to be so effortless to make up an excuse or talk myself out of why I can't work out for the day. I need more sleep; I've got too much to do now since I slept so much; I have to walk the dogs instead; I'd rather catch up on some TV; something hurts. But the fact of the matter is IF I make myself actually go, then once I'm there I evolve into something strong, determined and focused; and after I'm finished I feel good. Really good. Sure, I may not be able to use my legs or arms without revealing some majorly visible muscle fatigue induced seizures, but despite all my initial rebellion, I leave feeling relaxed and more energized at the same time. The endorphins make me a happier person for the rest of the day, I have more confidence about my body, and I tend to make better eating choices as well. The point I'm trying to make is this: If I know I feel all of those things when I go workout, then why don't I WANT to go? Why do I "reward" myself and "take breaks", by not going for a couple of weeks, until my body starts hating me and then decide to go back? I can't seem to figure it out either. I think part of my problem is I miss hiking in the mountains and biking to the ocean for a workout. The gym is a forced notion to me, and I despise anything forced. 

Meditating the view during a hike in Topanga Canyon
        Do you like sweet and salty nuts? Wait a minute. For a second, get your mind out of the gutter and be serious. There are these snack bars we are hooked on by Nature Valley and they're called Sweet and Salty Nuts and they are just that, with a layer of peanut butter. I had one today after barbell class and I must say it was very tasty and satisfying! I really needed to go workout the soreness from the viscous vaccine I received a few days ago. By the time class was coming to an end, by legs were shaking so hard during lunges, squats, and dead lifts that I wondered every time I bent my knees if they were going to be able to push me back up or just give out and let me collapse. The only thing that kept me going was hearing the instructor say, "Remember the BS word.....................BATHING SUIT!", which would have made me laugh had I not been so focused on keeping my feet planted on the floor instead of my face.
     I went Mother's Day shopping today and found some pretty useful goods. I think they're going to dig them. Note to self: stay far far away from World Market. I found way too many things in there that my mind was convinced it couldn't live without until my conscience talked myself out of it. That store is

Nothing like biking along side the Pacific ocean, admiring the mountain view!

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